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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 11

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It’s been five days since we left the house of the Bankoles , it was not a terrible days per se; Uche and I slept in a church very close to our Old street. The pastor was wonderful, he called himself a prophet; i see him as a psyche who predict problem according to status. The serves us both spiritual food and physical food on two conditions; we must act as disable human beings. Uche became a homeless blind man who was healed by the pastor, I was healed on the wheelchair.

The church also serves as shelter and our miracle seeking congregation always give us alms which was also shared between the pastor and us.

Mohammed finds solace in a nearby Mosque where he helped the Imam. Religion centers are fast way of making money.

“I don buy that shop wey dey nearby” Mohammed told us. Mohammed was the only one to utilize the money in the bank. The shop he bought was from a mallam who decides to leave the life of struggle in Lagos the life of farming in his village. The shop serves as a means of shelter and food.

“Pastor I need you to pray for my daughter ” a robust woman was pleading with our pastor, beside her was a girl with a bleached skin.

“Is your student having a problem in her education? ” the pastor asked. The month was March, many students were preparing for the senior secondary school examination, therefore it was a wise guess.

” Thank you pastor” the woman was amazed. I was laughing from where I stood. The pastor made a loud prayer and there was exchange of money.

“You must not fail this time, the thirty thousand naira I gave you will be the last I will give u” the woman warned her daughter. The money She gave her was for examination runs… I smiled;

“Uche, take” I gave him the house rag to wear.

” take this to Mohammed too” I gave him another rag.

“Wetin be all this Na?”


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