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Must Read: Lagos Dudes… Part 1

A story written by Olowe Alaafyn Olumide…

Bastards” the chief shouted with much disdain in his voice. “Wait let me get my gun” he concluded with his back turned towards us. We quickly gathered our bags and cloths off the floor and fled the compound, it was a race for life; adrenaline pumped in my system.

At last, we looked back and laughed………………………..

Six months ago I was a village boy, schooling and hustling; my parents are dead. I lived with an uncle and aunt who don’t care how I lived my life. I was coming from farm one day when I saw Toyin’s mum in front of our mud house; Toyin was my last girlfriend in our village. She sat down wailing and cursing her self, her mum was also cursing me.

That was the day I was waiting for, I entered my room through the window, packed my secondary school certificate and the cloths ‘corper debby’ bought for me.

‘Corper debby’ was a very endowed teacher, she was posted to our village for her youth service corps. She was a nymphomaniac, she initiated me to the world of kumasutra; I was senior secondary school 1 (SS1).

Corps lodges was located beside my house, it was a privilege for my voyeur spirit. She caught me when I was peeping into their bathroom hole; I was led straight to her room. That was the first time I tasted the apple. The apple story lasted for a year, but during that period, she taught me how to be a smart boy in both academics and life issues, she was also extravagant in buying cloths.

I became the local champion until I impregnate Toyin…………

“That chief na were” rusty said, still try to contain his laughter

“Walahi, I swear” replied Mohammed; our aboki

Uchenna ‘rusty’ madueke was a very brilliant boy from a poor Igbo family. He struggled throughout his primary and secondary school days, using the money he earned to buy books; he was the most brilliant student in his school at that time. ‘Uche had a prospect of becoming a student of university of Lagos, afterwards a medical doctor. He thought his dream has come to pass when his uncle came to the village and took him to Lagos, alas! He was brought to Lagos to become a sales boy.

He ran away after one year…………….

Yusuf Mohammed was a complete Hausa boy from Borno, Nigeria, his father was a member of an Islamic sect, he was sent to the best school and he was highly intelligent. He was trained to speak perfect English language; you can hardly hear his slight intonation.

After secondary school, his father decided to send him to Iraq for schooling and also to teach him in the art of war, but Mo’ has a different plan, to be a successful businessman. According to their code, any one who refuses an over to fight for the cause will be killed.

Mohammed was the only son to carry on the cause for the family, but due to his education and better understanding, he fled.

Not long afterwards, his family was killed in his place……………….

We met under the Oshodi Bridge.

I was trying to lay my head on my bag when I heard some people arguing, argument like that could attract police, I quickly grab my bag.

“What did you know about achimedes principles” a boy said with a slight igbo intonation.

I was surprised, so I decided to join the argument. We became friends afterwards. We hustled together afterwards; sometimes we carry loads, act as ‘agbero’ and so on.

A month after we met, we saw a vacant board by an advertising agent, we made a try………….

A week later, I became a sales boy, Mohammed; the gate man and Uchenna became the house Akpan, house boy. 8% of our salary belong to our advertising agent.


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