-Journey To No Man’s Land

Must Read: Journey To No Man’s Land… Part 4

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It was around after nine when the gate of the house was forcefully opened and all we heard was gun shot sporadically, the two guys staying with us quickly ran inside while more than 10 guys were in the compound shooting non stop….one of them moved towards us where we were and picked the other guy from the floor….”Jendor, dide dide (stand up jendor)”…….he lifted him up, look at me and just removed his eyes from me….some of the guys went inside the house while like three were outside and jendor was taking outside the gate……..
I managed to hide somewhere beside me but all of a sudden, there were other gun shot out side and before I knew what was happening, we were all surrounded by the police and the guys in the compound were apprehended likewise some others inside the room…..Police called for back up after disarming everybody and packed all of us inside their van to their station………….

I cant imagine av passed through all this within just three hours and I hope I wont die in this my ordeal…..even if I die, how will my family find my corpes………………
THIS EHN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We were all taken to the station and separated into different cells…..I heard the police saying they followed a robbery and murder to the house they caught us……….I was put in the cell with some other guys…How do I explain this or notify my people at home of my ordeal…is this how everything will end? What if we were taken to court and sentence to death, who will even know that this is what I passed through…………
This life na wah…………….

Very early the following morning on Sunday, they called out the other guys in the same cell with me (those that we came together)… hour, two hours to five hours they didn’t come back, it was later someone told me they have been released…..i asked one of the police officer that came to check on us about the other guys in the other cell and he said they have been released too……So, am the only one remaining here? I explained my ordeal to the some guys that have been in the cell before I came, it was all pity and some of them said I should take it as my faith and pray to my God to see me through……This was when I realized I need to be closer to God………………I requested from one of the police if I can get a phone to call my people at home and he declined that there was no credit on any of there phone except if I can buy recharge card on it…..Where will I even get money to buy card, I pleaded but all enters deaf ear………………
Our police cell is nothing to write home about but it was like people I met there are use to that life, they share their experiences with me and most of them regretted being in that situation…….like play like play, I spent another night in the cell.

Around 4pm on Monday, a police officer came to call my name and asked me to come outside…in my mind “WHAT NEXT”…I cant even phantom what will happened next to me…I was taken to the DPO’s office where I met a fair, slim young lady discussing with the DPO…….from the tone of their discussion, I realized the lady came for me, but I don’t even know her from Adam… Who is this?
what does she want again? Na wah oooooo but all the questions doesn’t matter to me as what I wanted that moment is to get out of the police station as its not even the best place to be.

Babe: Thanks so much darling

DPO: U know I will do anything for u

Babe: Do we need to fill any bail

DPO: bail bond ke? U don’t need that baby….

Babe: Thanks so much dear

DPO: Just tell your brother to be careful of friend he roll with

I was surprised…”brother ke?”…..i hope am safe again

Babe: Don’t worry dear, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time ni and I guess this wont happen again………..she moved closer to the DPO and kissed him.

The DPO called one of the officer to bring my cloth for me and it was a surprise too when they told him I don’t even have any cloth whatsoever….so, I have to leave this place with my short soaked in dried blood……….
we stepped outside and I was still wondering what to do, either to run away from the girl or what but if I run, I cant go to Lagos like this and I cant even walk on the street like this as people will see me as a mad person ………
We stepped outside the station and here I saw a clean red Toyota muzzle parked outside with a lady by the passenger side……..
she opened the back door for me and asked me to enter with “sorry” sorry….sorry at every interval………………..(Where are they taking me to again)


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An incredibly fascinating read, I may not concur completely, but you do make some incredibly valid points.

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