-Journey To No Man’s Land

Must Read: Journey To No Man’s Land… Part 3

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We woke up the following morning and it was all smiles on everybody’s face as we brush and took our birth……..Me and Temi went to the bathroom together and the head she gave me was from another planet…………we spent more than an hour inside the bathroom from bleeping to heading….she was just ready for me and she gave it to me in different style that I ever imagine………..we came out of the bathroom and the body language of Sandra says it all…….She knew something actually happened and I guess she needed her own dose too………she dressed up and put on a very skimpy skirt and a top…the skirt was so short that if she decide to bend down I will definitely see her pant………..

We decided to eat yam and egg but there was no pepper at home, there was notyn Temi didn’t say to convince Sandra to go out with her to buy pepper but she never agreed as she kept complaining of not wanting to go outside…..Temi decided to go after the yam was already done………..
Immediately she stepped outside, Sandra looked at me and smiled “Bad boy”……………..i made a gesture and replied “u nko”………I drew her closer to me on the chair that I was, she was on my lap and that was not without pushing up her skirt………..”Bad geh, so, there is no pant”……………………she whispered “what do u expect, I foresee this happening”…….she quickly loosen my belt, brought out Dickson and she marveled on what she saw….she stroke it on the head as the was up already..before I said Jack, she has already inserted it inside her kitty catt and started ridding on it… I wanted her to have maximum enjoyment, I quickly switched position and she was on the chair while I was in front of her…I started bleeping her hard……never knew she also have a very loud ring tone but I was wary of Temi…..

It wasn’t even up to 15mins we switched position that we heard Temi’s voice greeting someone on the corridor…..she pushed me away and Dickson quickly found his way back to it position while I ran to the bed and faced down with the believe that I was sleeping (Thank God she greeted someone at the corridor cos if not, it would have been something else)……………
Temi came inside and straight to me “baby, am very sorry, food will soon be ready, the woman didn’t have change that was why it took me so long” “where is Sandra?” she asked……………..
i guess she’s in the kitchen…………she went to the kitchen, met Sandra dishing yam for hersef and she started dissing her that her husband has not even tasted the yam den she came with plate to take part of it……….i quickly adjusted myself.
It was fun all through the day until something around 7pm in the evening while eating when three guys bust into the room with gun……”bastard, u dey mad, na u dey bleep our girl” before I knew what was happening one of them hit me with the gun he was holding and I was bundled out of the room to the booth of their car with just my short nicker on me…..

After 10mins of driving, they parked and I didn’t hear any voice not until 3mins when they open the booth, I felt relieved but it was another guy they brought and put us together inside before they start driving again, so many thinking was on my mind,
“I don die today”
“wetyn I go do”
“even if dem kill me, nobody go no where I dey”
“no phone or any other means of communication”
“I don enter am”………..

Guess we finally reach our destination 10mins later, they opened the booth and asked us to come down…….we obeyed.
It was a complete gated building that u hardly know what was going on inside the compound from the street….There were some guys in the compound, they were busy drinking, the moment they sight us, they all stood up and ordered them to bring us forward, the pour like three bottle of star they were drinking on me and started beating us immediately…one of them said “lets finish them once and for all bringing out his gun” but another suggested the death will be too fast and why not let them kills us little by little as we will serve as example to the others.

Who are the others? do they think am part of them? Which of Temi or Sandra is their lady? Who is this guy? How will I convince dem that am not a student in their school? I don die today, so many questions without answers…………….
I started pleading for my life the moment I was lying on the floor with my last breath, telling them am not a student and I don’t have anything to do with their lady, moreover I don’t know the lady they were talking about…………..All my pleading was into deaf ear, av lost a lot of blood and no too much energy from me……….the same thing with the other guy but he was not even pleading at all…..despite all the beating his face was so strong…………some of those guys left us outside and went inside while some stayed outside still drinking and they look at us at interval to pour beer on us……



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