-Journey To No Man’s Land

Must Read: Journey To No Man’s Land… Part 2

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I was already waiting for temi as my mind was already in action couple with what Sandra did by waking up Dickson from his slumber………just on singlet and my jean, the moment she came in and I draw her closer and gave her a soft kiss………she responded, I repeated that again and didn’t take long before we found oursef on the bed………………..I started from kissing all over her body, from the mouth to neck and ear while caressing her bossom, I loosen my belt for her to have access to my Dickson, the romance was a bit hot as we never look back the moment we started…….i raised her top up to my surprise, she wasn’t even on a bra but the bossom was so firm and moderate that you wont even notice she is not on bra…..i started doing justice to the bossom by giving it a romantic mouth action while my hand was doing the bleeping down below…Temi gave it to me so easy than I expected and I never imagine my entrance will be so smooth and easy like this..
I was bleeping her so hard with my left hand while my mouth was doing justice to the bossom…….


This was actually a different ringtone entirely from the one I was use to before……As she continue moaning, I was digging so hard and bleeping with my fingers and sucking the two bossom…….Didnt take long before she pushed me away and removed her jean, pant and top simultaneously within seconds…..i quickly did justice to my jean and singlet too……and brought out a pack of CD from my back, she collected it, opened it, pushed me to the bed as I watched what she was doing, she wore Dickson the cloth and position hersef for good horse ridding……..
Temi ride professionally I must confess She was doing the job diligently as if her life depended on it going up, down, front and back while I also play with her Tips………..we switched position after about five minutes and she held the burglary of the window for me to come from behind, it was a hard battle as I was nacking real hard without thinking of the consequence of injuring her……I was in another heaven entirely as she continue shouting…. Yesh… Ahnnnn….Ahnnnnnnn…..yesh oooooooo…………… funny thing about her ringtone was that it sound as if she was crying and as if someone was beating her as I got confused at a stage and stopped until she said “pls bleep me hard”…………………………ehn, that’s wat I know how to do best my angel, I replied in my mind with a smile…I held her waist waist while I dig so hard…………We both came about 10mins later, her ringtone while coming got me laughing inside once more again……..
I looked at her, we smiled to each other with gesture from her “ekun” we decided to make our way to the bathroom, I wanted to touch her inside the bathroom but she cautioned me and said we still have a long days and time together as I might be the one that will get tired……………..It was around to eight when we finish taking our bath and she prepared me plantain and egg with adequate milk before she received a call………..her mood changed. I asked what happened and she told me Sandra said she was on her way home as she didn’t meet the person she went to see………………….OSE. (Na so bleeping go end today)………………

Sandra came in around 9pm and said Femi went home for the weekend and he didn’t drop key, even if he drop key, she cant even sleep in that area alone so, she decided to start coming back home jare…I welcome her with a smile but deep inside me, she don spoil my show but thank God I don do one round already sharperly and even if I no do any other one again, I don come back from promise land already and marked my attendance. But nobody will enter Temi’s house of everlasting enjoyment without wanting to go back more and more again…
The attention from Temi after Sandra came in was just something else, she was fond of me, holding me here and there and using every opportunity to touch me and caress me and sometimes kiss me at interval. Sandra was all smiles at us with the statement that “I go love oooo”.
It was later in the night about time to sleep that we suggested that Sandra should sleep on bed that was placed on the floor while we manage the rug but she declined and asked us to sleep on bed…..i laid beside her at the edge of the bed while Temi was by the wall side, that’s her best place, Sandra was so far away from us and sooner or later, light was off and everywhere became dark…….
As a sharp guy, I requested to play music while going to bed as that was the only way sleep will come…we covered ourselves with the duvet and I started playing with Temi’s bossom…playing with the Tip was awesome as I was kissing at the same time and she was playing with Dickson……what’s my business with someone noticing movement of bed………didn’t take me long before I located her kitty catt and started finger bleeping as there was no pant in the first place but I make sure our lips were together to forestall any loud ring tone………..i was bleeping real hard seriously as she was rocking my Dickson so hard as if to remove it from my body……….After like 10 mins she whispered to my ear “I need you inside me”……………..and I whispered back “just turn ur back at me”
She did as instructed and Dickson was right inside her from behind while my hand was on the bossom to support me…I was bleeping hard from behind without minding what the other person in the room might think of us……..albeit, this wont be the first time things like this will be happening between them “Abeg make she endure”………….our bleeping lasted for like 30mins before nature came and she slept off.

It was in the midnight when I noticed a hand over my body, at the first instance I thought it was Temi, but the direction the hand was coming from proof otherwise, I stylishly adjusted my body and removed the hand but within two minutes, the hand came over again running through my body in my mind I was like “hmmmmm…….guess am in for fun”
I adjusted myself to place my left hand on the floor but to my surprise, the hand bounce on a body and the most surprising thing was where it landed on was a bit soft, I adjusted my hand to confirm the exact place it was and it was just that same place den a hand was on it pressing it down more…….I instantly moved into action and started caressing both bossom, I didn’t waste time before moving my hand downward to the engine room, there was a pant there, I inserted my hand inside and my index finger started doing the work….It wasn’t an easy task as I was not comfortable cos of the pant, I removed my hand and back to the bossom, she readjusted herself very well and by the time my hand was going back to the kitty catt, there was no pant there again….The clean shave make me differentiate it was a fresh wet kitty catt I was dealing with…..i started finger bleeping, the funniest thing was that I didn’t even hear any sound from her other than uhmmmmm…….uhmmmm….hmmmmmm…….at a time, no time……I got tired after a while as I was not that comfortable and I guess she was satisfied too as she moved away from the bed……


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