-It Is Teenage Love

Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 8

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After the paper Segun waited for Jummy
outside the
exam hall.
Nike hurriedly came out and walked
towards Segun.

She handed him an envelope and waited for his
reaction. Segun opened it and
discovered it was an
invitation card to her birthday party on
the 4th of
“Will you come?” She asked.

“Yes, i will.” he replied.

“I’ll really appreciate it.” she said.

Jummy came outside and joined them.

“Baby let’s go.” she said.

“I’ll be with you shortly.” he said.
“See you later.” she said.

Segun said and walked to
where Jummy
was standing.

“What’s that?” Jummy asked.

“Invitation card.” he replied.
“For what?” she asked.

“Birthday party.” he replied.

“do u plan on attending?”

“Yes, i will.” segun answered.

“But what is so special in that girl.”
Jummy asked.
“There is nothing special in her, She is
my friend
and i have to support her on her

“Let go on a date on that day.” Jummy
“No problem, provided you’ll follow
me to her
birthday.” he said.

“No way, am i going to her birthday.”
she replied.

“Then we go on no date.” he said.
“I know you love that girl.” she said

Segun was suprised at her sudden
walked away angrily, leaving Segun
Segun didn’t bother going after her.

“Segun, what’s the matter?” Nike
asked from behind.

“Nothing. Its just a little
misunderstanding.” segun
“Hope its not about my invitation.
Because i can
hear you talk about going
somewhere.” She said.

“Its not about your invitation.” segun
They continued walking towards the
main road.

“So, how was your paper?” segun
asked expertly
changing the topic.

“It was good.” she replied.
They got to the bus-stop where they will
go their
seperate ways.

“See you tomorrow.” she said.

“yeah, Biology practicals right?” he

Segun hopped into a commercial bus
and Nike
crossed the road.

“Oh my God! See maturity. She didn’t
feel jealous at all.” he said to himself.
Segun got home and took a shower. He
laid down to
sleep when his phone beeped. It was a
from Odunayo(one of the girls in his class)
requesting him to join them in
Titilayo’s(the school’s
head/senior girl) house.
He hurriedly changed his clothed to a
blue long sleeves shirt over a black versace pant
trouser and a
black vickers. He picked his wrapped
gift and kept it
inside a fancy polythene bag. He got
out of the house, put on his sunshade and off he
left for titi’s
He got to the front gate and saw an
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TITILAYO.” He went inside and saw all members of
his class
chilling and having fun. Pamilerin(the
social prefect)
was the M.C.

“Now let us welcome our brother, the disciplinarian
and the sport man, Shegzy.” pamilerin
Everybody present stood up and gave
him a
standing ovation. Segun felt on top of the world. He
went to the designated stage where he
shook hands
with the m.c and went to the high table
where the
celebrant and the vips were seated. He hugged Titilayo and he took a
snapshot with her.
He sat down on the high table where all
prefects were seated.
They enjoyed themselves till late in the evening
when everyone started going home.
Segun went to present his gift to the
celebrant when
he saw Emma and his guys taking
photographs with Titilayo.

“Segun. Meet my cousin Emmanuel.
meet my friend Segun.” she

Emma moved forward and Segun moved towards
him. Hatred clearly written on their

“We can’t fight here. But we’ll see
ourselves in a
more isolated area where no one will separate us.” Emma said in a clear whisper.

“Oh! Yeah.” segun replied.

Segun dropped the gift and left leaving a
Titilayo staring at him as he left.
Segun opened the gate and found Emma
and his
guys standing, looking mean and filled
with rage.
They advanced towards him as he tried
to lock the gate but they over powered him.
They kicked, beat and hit him with
various weapons,
he sustained so many injuries. After
beating him to
their satisfaction they left him. He tried standing up
but he passed out.


Jummy got down from the bike and
walked towards
Segun’s house. She got to the gate and met the gate
opened. She peeped inside and saw
Segun’s figure
lying unconsciously at a corner. She
dropped her
bag and ran towards him, she shook him vigorously
She felt his heartbeat and she quickly
ran towards
the garden where she picked bucket,
she filled it with water and sprinkled it on his face.
He came back to life but was unaware
of the
situation. He could only remember
Emmanuel befor he passed out.

Jummy took him inside and laid him on a
seater chair. She went into the kitchen
based on his
directives and got some pain killing drug.
She gave it to him, and went back to prepare him a
hot tea.
Segun felt better after sometimes and
jummy for her kindness.

“Will you be able to go for you exam today?” Jummy
asked with concern.

“I’ll go.” he said standing up and he
went to dress

They left the house after sometime and off they went
to their centre. They alighted from the
bus and they
walked into Loyola college.
Segun walked to his seat and sat down
putting his head on the locker.

“Segun. Are you okay?” Nike asked.

“Yes i am. It’s just that i am a little bit
weak.” Segun

“I was scared because it is unusual of you to be
quiete……” she was saying before
Jummy slapped
her from behind.

“What are you looking for? You want to
know if your thugs did their work perfectly abi? You
rained abuses on her.

“Jummy what is your problem?” segun asked
standing up.
“My problem? She is my problem.”
Jummy said
angrily as she move toward Nike.

Nike took a step backward and hid
behind Segun.

Segun stopped her from doing anything.
“Nike, am very sorry.” Segun said as
he held her and
took her to her seat.

Jummy stood at a spot and was looking
at them with
“Am i with the right guy? Imagine my
going against me in public.” she

Segun returned back to his seat and
looked at Jummy with an angry face.

“Baby. Am sorry.” Jummy said.
Segun walked back to his seat and met

“Baby, am sorry.” she apologised.
He looked at her with contempt, ignored
her and sat
She sat down beside him and held

“Baby am sorry.” she said.

“But why would you humilliate the poor girl?” he

“Segun, try and understand me. See
what those guys
did to you. If you keep on being friends
with her you are putting yourself into more danger.”

“Okay. I’ve heared you.” he said.

“Promise me you’ll distance yourself
from her.” she said.

“I can’t promise but i’ll try and
reduce my
closeness.” he replied.

The invigillator came in and distributed
the question paper and the answer sheet. They
began writing.


Segun came out of the exam hall holding
hands with
“Baby, come and know my house
today.” she said

“Today? I don’t have much time to
spare.’ he
“Just twenty minutes. I promise i
won’t take your
time.” She said.

“Okay.” he replied as they both
walked out of the
school compound and headed towards Jummy’s
place along bestway.

They got there in no time and saw no
one at home.
They hunged out till around 6pm when it
dawned on Segun that he was in for it today.
He hurriedly left for home bearing it at
the back of
his mind that he is in a great trouble.

He got home knocked on the gate and
Mary came to open for him. He entered and saw his
father’s car
He did the sign of cross and went inside.

“Go and wait for me in my room.” The
man thundered.


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