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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 7

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Segun picked the call while his brothers edged him on.

“Hello.” segun greeted.

“I thought you wouldn’t pick my
call.” She said.
“Why won’t i pick you call?” Segun


“what’s that?” Segun asked.

“Are you at home?” Segun inquired.

“Yes and why do you ask?” She said.
“Just want to know your are safe.”
Segun replied.

“Hmmmmm. That’s nice of you.”
She complimented.

“See you tomorrow.” Segun said.


The phone clicked at the other end and
pocketted his phone.

“my brother is coward.” Tope

“Hit the nail on the head and stop beating around
the bush.” Wale said.

“It’s not what you guys think.”
Segun defended.

The front door opened and Mary
“Good afternoon.” she greeted Tope
and wale.

“How are you?” they both chorused.

“Am fine.” she replied.

“Mary, am i too small or i don’t
deserve your greeting?” Segun asked.

“So it can pain you also.” she mocked.

“What is it?” Segun asked angrily.

“When you came to school today. Did
you greet
me?” She asked.
“Why are you acting like a kid? We
both left the
house this morning, and i see no sense
in me
greeting you in class. More so, you know
how much i despise your class.” Segun explained.

“Okay. Good afternoon.” Mary

There was a knock on the door. Mary
went for it.

“Good afternoon.” Mary greeted the person.

“Please i seek for Segun.” she said.

Segun heard his name being called.

Mary opened the door wider for the
visitor. Lo and
behold Jummy stepped into the sitting room.

“Jummy! What are you doing here?”

“Is that a welcome.” she asked.

“Answer my question.” segun

“Good afternoon sirs.” she said greeting Tope and

“yeah. Good afternoon. How are
you?” they both

“Am fine o.” she replied.
“What’s your own name?” Tope

“My name is Jummy.” she replied.

“I am Tope and my friend here is
Wale.” Tope said.

“It’s nice meeting you guys.” she said.

“The pleasure is mine.” Tope replied.

Segun stood at the entrance looking at
his brother
and the unexpected visitor.

“Have your sit.” Mary said before leaving the sitting
room to change from her school

“Thanks.” Jummy replied.

“Are you guys classmates?” Tope
“No, we met at the centre.” She

“So, how did you know he lived
here?” Tope asked.

“I got the description from Omolayo(his
cousin).” she replied.

“Oh! I see.” Tope said.

“I just decided to suprise him with this
visit.” Jummy
said smilling.

“That’s nice.” Wale said.
“won’t you entertain your guest and
stop looking like
you’ve seen a ghost.” Wale said as
everyone bursted
into laughter.

Mary came out with a photo album and a fashion
magazine. On a tray lays a soft drink
bottle and a
glass cup.
She drew a stool closer and dropped
them there. She sat down beside jummy and they
got talking.
She began telling her things about the
photos and
they clicked real good.

Segun went inside his room and put a call through
to Akin(his classmate. One of the guys
that helped
him fight against Emma and his gang).

He explained
his ordeal to him and Akin told him what to do.
He came outside and went close to
Jummy. He
began acting normal and he took her by
the hand as
they both went outside. He showed her round the compound and
ended the journey in the garden very
close to the

“Jummy.” He called.
“Yes.” she answered.

“What do we gain from this
friendship?” he asked.

“I don’t get you.” she replied.

“Why don’t we take this friendship to
another level?” he explained.

“What are you insinuating?” she
asked feigning

“Jummy. Do you accept me as your
boyfriend?” he asked kneeling down.

“Yes!” she said in excitement as they
both hugged
themselves real tight.

Jummy left towards evening after she
bade Wale, Tope, and Mary goodbye. Segun saw her
off to the
bus-stop and waited till the bus was out
of sight.

“Now i am in love. To hell with
Olanike.” he said happily..

Segun woke up early tuesday morning
and dressed
up. He went into the dining room and ate
breakfast with every member of the family.
finished eating and left for his centre.
He removed his phone and dialled
number. She picked the call after the
first ring.
“Hello angel.” he greeted.

“Sweetheart, good morning.” she

“How was your night?” Segun asked.

“It was fine and yours?” she asked.

“Not bad.” segun replied.
“Did you dream about me?” she

“Yeah. Where are you?” he asked in

“Am at the bus-stop. What about
you?” She asked.
“Give me fifteen minutes and i’ll be
there with you.” he said.

“Don’t keep me waiting o.” she

“Alright ma’am.” He said and she bursted into

He hurried into a waiting bus and off he

, Segun got out of the bus and walked towards wema
bank where Jummy was standing.

“hey!” He called looking

“Don’t greet me o.” she replied
faking anger.
“Did i keep you waiting?” He asked

“No o, you didn’t.” she replied
hitting him playfully
on the shoulder.

“Lets go.” Segun said.

They walked hand in hand towards their
centre. They got into Loyola college
chatting happily
like new couples(which they truely
were). They walked accross the football pitch and
found Emma
and his guys seated under a tree.
The guys stood up and blocked their
way. Jummy
shivered in fright.
“Hey guys. I don’t have time for all
these.” he said.

“You don’t have time when you
snatched my
girlfriend abi.” Emma said.

“But you broke up with her yourself.” Segun

“Are you mad?” Emma yelled at him.

“No, i am not.” Segun replied with

“Oya bring you wallet and your wrist watch and we’ll
let you go.” Tony said.

“It is better i die than surrender my
properties to
buy my freedom.” Segun said angrily.

Emma move towards but segun was fast enough to
knock him out of the way. He told
Jummy to run. He
moved to the second guy and knocked
him out in a
simillar manner thanks to ‘ray mysterio’s’ smack
downs. He was overpowered by the
third guy who
hit him with a stick on his head. He fell
down and felt
like passing out but gathered enough strength as he
stood up and ran for his dear life.
guys pursued
him as they ran towards the exam hall.

sensed the danger in running into the exam hall
because that was where Jummy ran to
diverged in his tracks and ran towards
the School
chapel. He jumped a flower lawn and climed the
stairs and descended through the other
side, he was
in the junior school.

Emma and his guys turned back when
the discovered they has lost him.
adjusted his
clothes and walked back to the
examination hall.
found Jummy on the stairs.

“Jummy.” he called. She stood up and hugged him happily.

“Are you

“Yes i am.” he replied.

“Hope they didn’t hurt you? Oh my
God, your head is swollen.
She was massaging the
swollen part with
her hands.

Nike ascended the stairs and found the
two of them
standing. She made to walk past them.
“Nike. Good morning.” Segun greeted.

“Good morning.” she greeted dryly
and left them in
their embrace.

Jummy hissed loud enough for her to
“Why did you do that?” Segun asked.

“I hate that girl.” Jummy replied.

“But why?” Segun asked.

“She is a devil. Look at what she has
used her
waywardness to inflict on you.” Jummy said pointing
to his wounds.

“They are bound to happen.” Segun

“Just be careful.” she advised.

“Okay darling.” Segun said as they both walked into
the examination hall.


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