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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 3

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They took a walk round the school
compound talking
about so many thing. They walked, sat
down taking,
getting to know themselves better.

One hour later segun had suceeded in knowing so
much about her.
She is Olanike Olajire.

She is 16yrs
old just like him.
She was born into a
family of five in october.
She attends a private
secondary school in ibadan in the name
‘Stead fast Comprehensive College.’

she likes
reading, writing, cooking, making friends and
meeting people. But disliked watching
was also a music and fashion freak.

They got into the examination hall
exactly the same time when the invigillator entered. He
the question papers. And the students
writing. Most of the candidates were
checking answers online while some others were
micro-chips and all manners of
examinatio n

Segun was busy providing
answers to the questions before him. But, out of
sympathy he
managed to assist those who called for
his help.

The paper which started at exactly 2pm ended by

Segun stood up and made to get
out of the
hall to go and wait for Olanike outside
but Jummy
came by and dragged him to the back of the hall.

“Hi.” she greeted.

“Wassup.” he replied.

“How was your paper?” she asked.

“It was great and yours?” he asked

“It wasn’t bad. Even though it was difficult.” she
said as they both laughed.

Segun saw a sign of tension relief on her
face as she
became a little bit free with him.

“You were telling me something last night.” segun

“Yes, i meant all what i told you.” she

“But what if i have a girlfriend?” he
“I had done the research about you.”
she informed.

“Hmmmm.” he sighed.
strange.” he added.

“What’s strange about that?” she

Just then his phone beeped. ‘a new
message on

He read the message, it
was from
Olanike. It reads;
“Am ready to go, wah about you?” He read it and pocketed his phone.

“I have to go.” he announced.

“Oh! So soon?” she asked rhetorically.

“No o i’ll sleep here.” he said

“Okay, bye.” she said.
“Alright.” he said and walked to the
enterance where
Olanike was waiting for him.

“Hey, sorry, i kept you waiting.” he
“Oh! No, i just finished what i was
doing.” she said

“Okay. Let’s go.” he said and they
both walked down
the stairs leading to the tarred road which
surrounded the football pitch in silence.

“And who was that girl?” referring to
Jummy. she
asked breaking the silence.

“And, who was that girl?” she asked breaking the

“Oh! That girl. She is Jummy.” he said.

“Jummy is her name?” she asked.

As he was about to reply, he heard his
name being called. Which made him stop and could
see Jummy
running towards them.

She caught up
with them in
no time.

“Let’s go. I am going the same way with you guys.”
she said.

“Ok, no problem.” segun said as they

“Hi.” she greeted Nike.
“hi”. Nike replied.

“My name is Jummy.” she said.

“I am Nike.”

“It’s nice meeting you.”
Jummy said

“The pleasure is mine.” Nike replied.

They continued walking as Jummy tried
Segun in some dry discussions but Segun
changed the topic so as to carry Olanike

They got to the bus-stop where Segun
will board a
bus going to Iwo-road and Nike will
cross to the
other side to get to the GRA while
Jummy will also cross to the other side to get to Ikolaba
school(Omolayo’s centre) very close to
the GRA.

“Bye.” Segun greeted before hopping
into a bus that will convey him home.

“Bye.” they both replied in unison.

Jummy and Nike walked towards
Ikolaba grammar
school before Nike diverted towards the
GRA, where she lived.

Segun got home late in the evening and
suprised to see his big bro around.

“Bro Tope, good evening.” he
“Wassup bro. He replied extending his
hand for a

“Am good o.” he replied collecting the

“how was your exams?” he asked.
“It was good.” segun replied.

“Success.” he prayed.

“Amen. How was school?” segun

“school dey o.” he replied.

“that’s good to hear.” segun said.
“How are your girlfriends?” he asked

“Girlfriend ke?” he said laughing out
loud as he ran
up the stairs.

He finished eating and went into his brother’s room
directly opposite his and they began

gisted about so many things ranging
from school
life, sports, cars, girls and their favourites music.

They both slept around 11:30pm.

“Thank God i have a big and
experienced bro when
it comes to girls. I’ll seek his advice
based on the issue at hand.” he thought before he
laid down to

The next day he hung out with his
brother as the
both visited old friends before they called it a day at
his brother’s girlfriend’s place. By
the time he got
home, he was so tired that he didn’t
bother about
his dinner before he slept off.


Segun woke up very early on saturday
and got
prepared for the day’s paper,
He took
his bath and dressed in a black long sleeves fitted
shirt on a brown chinos trouser and a
black snickers.

At exactly 8:05AM he got to his
centre’s bus-stop.
Instead of walking the remaining distance, he
decided to take a bike. He got there five
later and settled down inside the hall.

he tried
putting finishing touches to the aspect of construction.

“Hey.” Olanike greeted.

“Hi.” he replied.

“How are you?” she asked.

“Am good.” he replied.

“The mathematician.” she said laughing.

He chuckled a little then said. “It is a lie

“How far with your preparation?” she

“It has been superb. Let them bring anything, they
are gone.” he bragged.

“That’s nice.”

“What’s the matter?”
segun asked
immediately he
noticed the change in her countenance.
“Nothing. It’s just that i don’t know
what to write in
this paper.” she said.

“Why. Didn’t you prepare?” he

“No, am not that good in mathematics and am
unsure of my abilities in this particular
paper.” she

“Don’t worry, i know what to do.”
he assured her.
“How do you intend doing that?” she

“I’ll sit beside you during the
paper.” he said.

“Segun. Am not in support of it. That’s
malpractice.” she opposed.

“But you said you are not good in it. Do
you plan
failing the paper?” he asked.

“No, but………” she was saying before
he cut in.
“I’ll sit beside you today nd nothing
will go wrong.” he assured her.

“I’ll sit with you and nothing will go
wrong.” he said
“Okay. But firsty explain probability to
me.” she

He opened his textbook and started the
Within 15minutes, she had known the rudiments
and likely questions on probability.

The invigillator distributed the question
papers and
the answer booklet for the theory section.
They were
asked to answer nine questions out of

started working the questions and
within the
first one hour he was able to answer six questions
while his temporary seat mate, Olanike
was able to
answer three on her own. Segun did the
last three
questions including the construction and he allowed
her to copy his answers.
She didn’t
bother copying
the construction because it is very
difficult to copy
succesfully. She succesfully answered eight
questions while
segun answered the required nine.
guaranteed them of passing the paper.

11:30AM The invigillator collected the answer
booklet and
gave them a three hours break as
stipulated in the

Segun and Olanike got out of
the hall at the same time and they went to a
nearby snacks
shop where they bought a meat pie
each and a can
malt each. The bill settled by Segun.

Nike kept on thanking him foor the snacks and most
especially the mathematics paper he
helped her

They walked aimlessly around the
school compound for some time before segun suggested
they go to a
nearby centre where his friends are
writing their


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