-It Is Teenage Love

Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 2

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“What are you doing with my girlfriend?” he asked.

Segun pretended as if he didn’t hear what he said. He looked back as if he was helping him search for his girlfriend. In a blink of an eye a slap was release atomically on segun’s handsome face. Before Segun could react, the guy had slapped Olanike too. “It’s over between us!” The guy shouted.

“Emmanuel please, it’s not what you
think.” olanike explained with a shaky voice. She tried holding him but he freed his hands and released another slap on her face. Just
then Segun stood up and retaliated with two hot slaps on Emmanuel’s face. Causing him to stagger backwards.

Emmanuel face segun with a burning eyes, then he carried a chair with the aim of hitting Segun with it but Segun was fast enough to push Olanike out of danger and blocked the chair from hitting him with his hands. He pushed Emmanuel to the ground and said. “You’re a disgrace for hitting your girlfriend. Even if she is cheating, there are better way through which you can call her back to order and not by humilliating her in public.”

Emmanuel stood up angrily but before
he could take another step, other candidates in the examination hall had held him and bundled him out immediately. “I’ll catch you later, you fool and as for you, Naughty Lady, don’t ever come near me again.
He ranted on and on as he left the examination hall.

“Am very sorry about that.” olanike said packing her books.

“No problem.” segun replied.

Segun sat down and thought about the
incidence that just took place, he smiled. He was suprised, he muster such courage to face such an angry guy. He opened his textbook and continued reading.

Olanike on her own part was seated on her seat head bent on her locker holding back

“So, i have finally lost Emma? But is it a
crime to be friends with another guy? Does that mean am cheating? Or maybe they both have an unfinished business before. What am I thinking? I met this guy just last week. It’s not possible we have started dating. “I’ll have to explain myself to Emma.” she thought to herself.
Meanwhile jummy had been watching the unfolding drama since.

She decided to talk to Segun.

“Hey! Good afternoon.” she said immediately she got to segun’s seat.

“Good afternoon.” segun replied without looking up.

“What just went wrong between you and your girlfriend?”

“You’re sick.” segun cursed inwardly. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“So you guys aren’t dating and you could defend her by taking such risk?” She asked smilling.

“I don’t like when guys treat girls bad.” He said.

“Anyways, i just came to say hi, and to
commend you for your ‘jack bauer’s’ action.

“Thanks.” he replied laughing.

She left for her seat while segun continued reading.

Just then Emma entered the exam hall and went straight to Segun’s seat. He got there and handed him a piece of paper. He unfolded the paper and read the words scribbled on it.

“The battle line has been drawn. I pray
you don’t loose your life cos you have gotten entangled in a web of trouble.”

Segun sighed and stood up facing the
enraged Emmanuel. Meanwhile Olanike had left her seat for Segun’s seat. Immediately she got there, she collected the paper from Segun and read what was written on it. She looked at Emma with an angry face.

“Emma! Why are you doing this?”

“Hey! You’d better stay out of this.” he retorted.

“Segun please don’t do anything.” she advised.

Segun tore the paper into pieces and gave it back to emma before walking angrily out of the hall. Leaving Emma and Olanike together.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked.

“What does it look like?” he replied with another question.

“Leave the guy out of this. We aren’t dating. We are just friends.”

“friends my foot. Continue being friends with him, since he is more important to you than me.” He said.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“You can’t deny seeing my messages on whatsapp requesting to see you outside. He said.

“What message? I didnt see anything of such.” she said bringing out her phone from her purse.

“Oh my God! I don’t knw you sent me a message. Infact my phone is in silent mode.”

“Your phone is silent mode to avoid
disturbance right?”

Yeah, but not disturbance from

“Save it for all i care.” he cut her short and walked away angrily.

“Emma!” She called after him but got no reply.

He met segun by the door and blocked him from entering.

“Hey! Let me in.” Segun warned.

“Do your worst.” emma dared him.

Segun held him by his collar causing him
to gag and leave the way for him to enter.

Just then the invigillator entered into the class. Paying no attention to struggling boys. “Bastards. See how they are fighting in
public.” he said irritated.

The whole hall bursted into laughter.

“Only God knows what they are fighting for.” he said.

“They are fighting because of a girl.”
a boy shouted from the back seat.

“You see. They were sent here to write exam but they are chasing girls.” he said and hissed.

Segun went back to his seat and waited
for the distribution of the question and answer booklet.


Segun was busy writing and supplying
answers to the questions given to them.
“WAEC in trouble.” he thought to himself.

“Submit everybody.” the invigillator
shouted. Signifying the end of the theory paper.

The students all stood up at once and
walked towards the front to submit their answer booklet causing pandemonium.
Segun waited till everything had settled before he stood up and submitted his booklet and sat down patiently waiting for the OMR sheet for the objectives.


The students all trooped out of the exam
hall signifying the end of the paper for the

Segun came out and was suprised to see
everybody talking and pointing at him.
He pretended he didn’t hear them as he continued walking towards the gate when he saw Olanike walking in front.

He increased his pace and caught up with her.

“Nike?” he called out.
“Yes.” she answere coldly amidst sniffing.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”

“Am not crying.”

“But tears is in your eyes.”
“Please i want to be alone.” she requested.

“Okay. Can i have you number?” he
found himself asking.

“No problem.” she collected his phone and typed her number.

“Thanks.” he said.

They walked on in silence till they got to
the bus-stop where they went their seperate ways.


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