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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 17

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“Baby please am sorry.” Jummy

Segun ignored her and concentrated on
games on his phone.

“I don’t mean to put you into trouble with your
parents.” she said.

“So?” Segun asked as he advance
towards her.

She stood her ground and fidgeted as
she closed her eyes expecting another slap. Segun
stopped in
his tracks and turned back to his bed.
She quickly held him on his arms which
was where
he got a cut resulting from the beatings. He whinced
in pain.

“Ow! Sorry.” she said then excused
herself as she
went out. She re-emerged a few
minutes later with a bowl filled with hot steaming water and
a small
towel to massage his wounds.

She gently massaged them so as not to
cause him
pains. Then she applied a pain killing ointment on
the wounds.

There was a knock on the door, the door
opened and Mrs Akinola walked in.
She smiled immediately she saw the care Jummy
was giving to Segun.

“What a great couple they’ll make.”
she thought.

“I can see she is taking good care of
you.” she said.
Segun kept mute and looked on as the

“I came here to talk to you.” she said
referring to
Jummy packed her things(the towel and
the bowl)
and made to leave the room.

“I think i should excuse you.” she

“Wait! You are also involved.” Mrs Akinola said

“Segun, you know i am you mother.
Tell me the
reason why you behave that bad to
Jumoke at the party.” His mother requested.

“I reacted out of anger.” he said.

“Are you telling me you got angry just
because a
drink got spilled on you?” his mother
Segun kept quiet and looked at his
fingers like he
had never seen them before.

“I know you hate this girl.” his
mother said stressing
each word.
Segun quickly looked up like he wanted
to object the
last sentence but no words came out
from him.

“Now tell me who do you love
between Jumoke and Nike? I want nothing but the truth” his

“Mum i don’t seem to get your
question.” Segun
“You heard me right.” she replied.

“I am short of words.” he replied.

“So, you mean you don’t love anyone
of them?” she
asked and stood up.
She left his room
before he could reply.
Jummy sat down transfixed.

“Segun, you mean you don’t love
me?” she asked.

“I couldn’t remember when i said
such.” he replied.
“Segun, upon how i showed so much
love to you,
you have the guts to tell me you don’t
love me.” she
said raising.

“Don’t dare raise your voice at me.” Segun said as
she kept quiet.

“Segun i love you. Please don’t let me
be at loss. I
promise you anything.” she said going
on her knees.
Segun motioned her to stand up.

She stood up and walked towards him.
embraced and began kissing
passionately. One way
or the other they manouvered their way to the bed
and succeeded in having hot rounds of s
She laid down putting her head on his
laps, he was
caressing her hair.
“Segun. Promise me you won’t break
my heart.” she

Segun stopped and stared at her for
some seconds.

“Jummy, i don’t deal with desperate people like you.
Do you think i will love you if you allow
me to have
sex with you? Hell no, what i feel for you
is lust. I can
never date a cheap girl like you.” he poured out.

Jummy looked at him with a teary eyes.

“Jummy am very sorry. We live under
the same roof
and we ought to behave like brother and
sister and not like lovers. And you know i have my
heart with
Nike.” he explained.

“Okay.” Jummy said and left his room
carrying the
bowl and the towel.

Mr Akinola came out of his room
followed closely by
his wife. They were both dressed in the
same native
attire. Waiting in the sitting room was
Mary and Jummy.

“Go and tell your brother we are
leaving.” Mr
Akinola commanded Mary.

She left the sitting room and ascended
the stairs to Segun’s room. She knocked on the

“Daddy said i should tell you we are
leaving for
church.” Mary said.

“Tell him i’ll come on my own.” he replied.

“But, we are one family, lets all go
together.” she

“I know but am coming on my own.”
he replied and shut the door.

“What you are doing won’t pay
you.” Mary said and
ran away before he could reopen the

Mary descended the stairs and walked to join the
other family members.

“Where is your brother?” Mr Akinola

“He said he will join us in church.”
Mary replied.
“Meaning?” Mrs Akinola asked.

“He’s going on his own.” Mary
replied then collected
her parents bible bag.

Mr Akinola gave his wife a “can you
see your son” look.
Mrs Akinola shrugged and
pretended like it
doesn’t concern her.

“Lets go.” Mr Akinola said and walked
out of the
house followed by Jummy and Mary, his wife gave a
last look to the sitting room before she
dashed out
to join the others in the waiting toyota
rav-4 outside.

Segun came out of his room immediately he heard
them close the gate.

“Me, go to church with you. When am
not mad. I’ll
make you know how stubborn i am.”
he said aloud and headed for the kitchen. He dished
his breakfast
and sat down on the dining and muched
the food
slowly. He finished eating and took his
bath, put on his cloth, wore his perfume and off he
went to

As he was about entering the chuch
auditorium his
phone ranged. He walked to the car park and picked
the call. It was Olanike. Since the event
happened in her school after the football
match. She
never for once picked his call and Segun had since
ignored her too. Segun rushed home
immediately after the
Nike had promised to come around by
1pm and thank God his parents will be waiting
behind for the
elders meeting while the two girls
won’t come home
on their own.

He got home, took a shower and waited patiently for
the knock on the gate.

, There was a knock on the gate and
Segun rushed to
see who the person was. On opening the gate he
saw Nike standing looking ravishingly
dressed in a yellow top and a black skirt
a little bit
longer than knee length. Segun stared at her and put on a
charming smile.

“Won’t you let me in?” she asked

“Oh! My bad.” Segun said and opened
the gate wider for her.

Segun led her into the house.

“How did you know this place?”
Segun asked.

“Your mum invited me so she sent me
the description.” She replied.

“My mum?” he asked bewildered.

“Yes.” she replied.

They both settled down in the sitting

“What should i offer you?” Segun asked rising on his

“Water will do.” she replied.

“Water? No way.” he replied and
went into the
kitchen to get her an orange juice pack.
There was a horn at the gate. Segun
knew at once
that his parents are back.
He left what he was doing and rushed to
open the
gate for them.
>< >< >< "Good afternoon sir. Good afternoon ma." Nike said kneeling down. "Afternoon my dear." Mr Akinola replied. "Thanks for honouring my invitation." Mrs Akinola said. "Hi. Yov must be Mary?" she said walking up to Mary. "Yes. And you are Nike." Mary replied. "Its nice meeting you." Nike said. "Its my pleasure." mary replied. Jummy walked in moments later and saw Nike exchanging pleasantries with other member of the family. She felt jealous. "Jummy good afternoon." she said. Jummy ignored her and walked to her room to drop her church things. "Segun!" his mother called. Segun came inside the sitting room and sat down beside his father. Then the meeting began. WATCH OUT FOR PART 18

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