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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 16

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Segun was in his
listening to music from his mp3 player.
He was
humming to rythm of the song and
dancing. There was a knock on the door. He stood up
and met Mary
at the door.

“Can i come in?” Mary asked.

“Yeah.” Segun replied stepping aside
and opening the door wider for her.

She walked in and sat down on the only
chair near his reading table.

“Bro, am not happy with you.” she
broke the silence.
“Why?” he asked.

“Why are you treating your girlfriend
this way?” she

“Girlfriend?” he wondered.

“Yes, sister Jummy reported you to me. She said you
no longer have time for her. Is that
true?” she asked.

“She told you all these?”

“I know you are treating her bad
because of that girl Nike.” she said irritatedly.

“And what gave you the assurance
that i’m seeing
Nike?” he asked.

“Never mind but just have it at the
back of your mind that the law of karma will act very
soon.” she
said and stood up.

“What has karma got to do with this?”
he asked.

“I know you won’t want any guy to treat you
r daughter or even your sister the way
you are
treating Jummy.” she said and left the

Segun sat down and pondered over what Mary said
and shook his head.

“No doubt, this people are working
together against
me. But wait o, i am not in love with
Jummy now.” he thought.

“Then i’ll have to iron things out with
her.” he said
loudly as he stood up and headed to the
He came out a few minutes later and got dressed in
a native attire and a black shoe to
He hdaded out for a wedding ceremony
he was
invited to by one of his classmate. He met Jummy on the stairs coming up
to meet him.

“Where to?” she asked.

“Bunmi’s sister’s wedding.” he

“Oh! Thats true. I was thinking we should go
together.” she said.

“I’m sorry we can’t go together. ”
he said.

“But why?” she asked.

“Because i don’t want to be delayed. Infact i don’t
want to go with you.” he said.

“Ah!” she exclaimed.

“You must wait for her so that you two
can go
together.” a voice thundered from the dining. As
they both turned to look at the owner of
the voice.
They both turned their heads to see who
intruder was. Alas! It was their mother.

“You must go to that wedding
together.” she

“But why?” segun asked.

“Who invited you?” she asked.
“A classmate.” Jummy cuts in

“Since its a classmate of yours, and
you two are
familiar with him/her. I guess, its more
proper if you go together.” Mrs Akinola said with a
tone of finality.

“But mum……” Segun was saying
before his mother
cut him short.

“My daughter please go and dress up jare and stop
looking at me that way.” Mrs Akinola

Segun seeing that he had been defeated
dejectedly back to his room in order to wait for

Jummy re-emerged twenty minutes
later dressed in
a native attire the same as Segun’s.

“That’s my beautiful daughter.” Mrs Akinola

“Thanks mum.” Jummy said.

Segun walked out on hearing voice to
check if
Jummy was set. He stopped in his track and could
not help but to admire the beauty before
him. He
was carried away to the extent that he
didn’t know
when he whistled out in pleasure.
“Won’t you compliment her looks?”
Mrs Akinola
asked facing Segun.

“She’s not dressed to impress me.”
Segun replied
and headed for the door.
Jummy and his mother giggled and
Jummy ran after
They both walked to the bus/stop
where they’ll
board a cab to the wedding reception (brights
comprehensive college hall).

Ten minutes later they were at the
entrance and they
need to be walked in by a guest who
was already in.
Segun brought out his phone and dialled
number. He requested him to come walk
them in.

Wilson came and walked them in.

“But i thought you said you won’t buy the cloth?”
Jummy asked after exchanging
pleasantries with

“Yes, but my mum gave me the money
to buy some yards for myself.” he replied.

They all walked to a table where
members of the
class were seated. They exchanged
pleasantries and
complimented their looks. Bunmi came and greeted them.

“Do you guys care for more foods and
drinks?” she

“Yes.” Chioma said.

“Igbo people too like food.” Segun said as everyone
at their table bursted into laughter.
It was during the course of their
laughter that
Jummy mistakenly hit the table and a
bottle of juice spilled over and it poured on Segun’s

“Oh my God! Are you mad?” Segun
asked angrily.

“Aw! Am very sorry dear.” Jummy
stood up and tried cleaning the mess.

“Take you hands off me.” Segun
yelled and walked
out of the hall.
Other guests were looking at the
student’s table with keen intrest.

“You better go and apologise to him.” Odunayo

“No don’t go yet, let him calm down
first.” Titi advised.

Jummy left the hall and went in the
direction where
Segun headed to.
She saw him leaning on the water tank
base. She walked towards him fidgeting.

“Baby please am sorry.” jummy said.
Segun kept mute without looking her at
all. He
concentrated on whatever he was doing
on his phone.

“Segun, it is you am talking to.”
Jummy said trying to
win his attention by touching him.
He responded her with a thunderous
“How dare you slap me.” she said
holding her
cheeks as tears rolled down.

Segun looked at his hands to confirm
maybe it was
the one he used in slapping her. Yeah it was.
Segun looked at her with an apologetic
face but
couldn’t apologise because of his

Jummy walked out on him and went back to the hall
to pick her purse and phone. Then she
left for home.

Segun cleaned his cloth with water. Even
though the
stains were not completely removed, the stains were
reduced that you wouldn’t notice
unless you move
Segun walked back into the hall bade
everyone goodbye, left without answering any of
questions about why Jummy came out
crying, if they
had settled it to mention a few.
Segun left the wedding reception and went home.
He entered the house and saw his
mother reading a
newspaper in the living room.

“Goodday mum.” he greeted and
waited for no reply before walking to his room.

“Come back here.” his mother
shouted. At once he
knew he was in trouble.
Jummy and Mary came outside with
tears in Jummy’s eyes which means she had
been crying and
Mary had been consoling her.

“Why did you beat her in public?” his
mother asked.

He kept mute and looked at the angry faces before

“Are you a bastard? Did you ever
heard that your
father laid his hands on a woman?” she
“Am not a bastard. She spilled……” he
was saying
before he was paid in his own coin by
his mother
when a more thunderous slap landed on
his face.
Segun held his cheeks as he stared at his
with a look of disbelief.
Its been a while his mother beat him

“Your father never for once laid his hands on me. So
where did you get that trait of yours?”
she asked as
she moved towards him.

He retreated and moved towards the
dining area. Just then the door to the living room
opened and Mr
Akinola walked in.

“Welcome dad.” Mary and Jummy
greeted in unison.

“How are you girls?” he asked.
“Fine sir.” they chorused.

“Welcome hon.” His wife greeted.

“Yeah, thanks dear.” he replied.

He looked at Segun angrily.

“Are you dumb? Or don’t you know
how to greet?” He asked as he walked towards his son.

“He has grown wings, he now has the
ability to beat
a woman in public.” His mother cuts in.

“Who did he beat?” his father asked
as he looked at Jummy. Then he concluded she was the

“Were you the one?” Mr Akinola
asked facing

“Yes. But its not in the public. We were…..” she was

“Hold it there.” mrs Akinola cut her

“But where did you go and what made
him slap you?” Mr Akinola asked.

“We were in a wedding ceremony,
then i mistakenly
spilled a drink on his shirt.” Jummy

“The ceremony i gave you two the money to buy the
cloth?” Mr Akinola asked.

“Yes sir.” Jummy replied.

“Segun is that true?” His father asked

He kept quiet and looked down at his feet.

“Go and wait for me in my room.” his

He walked out of the living room and
headed for his father’s room.

Segun came out of his father’s room
with marks on
his body. He was beaten like a thief. It
took the
intervention of his mother when the sound of his
beating became unbearable for her,
before he was
He walked to his room in pains. He got
inside removed his shirt and looked at himself
in the

“Beaten like a gladiator.” he said and

There was a knock on his door. He pretended like he
didn’t hear. The person at the door
made the knock
more persistent.


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