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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 15

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“Time? Why can’t you give me a
reply now?” Segun

“I need to think of every possible thing
that might
take place. Both the positive and negative factor.”
she explained.

“So like how many days should i give
you?” he

“Till the end of this week.” she said.
“That too much o.” he complained.

“Segun try and be patient. Patience is
needed in a
relationship.” she adviced.

“Okay.” he replied.

He ended the call and sat down to think of the last
few hours of the day.

“Jummy is trying to impress, so that i
can reconsider
her. Mummy is making plans with the
girl which i pray won’t be successful. This Nike of
a girl, i hope
she won’t be a dictator. Because she
seems to enjoy
preaching.” he thought as he replayed
those events in his mind.

He laid down to sleep but his sleep was
by a knock on the door. He told the
person to come
in. It was no other person than Jummy.

“What is she
looking for now?” Segun thought.

Jummy walked into the room and sat on
reading table. Segun sat up on the bed and faced

He gave her a say what you want to say
and get out

“Segun, i came to talk to you.” she said.

“I know.” he thought.

“Hope no problem?” he asked.

“There is.” she said as she stood up
and walked to
the bed where Segun was sitting.
It was then Segun
was able to access her. She was
dressed in a short
and revealling nightie, the one which
stopped at
“Segun, i love you.” she said holding
his hands.

Segun had never been in a situation like
this before.
He was sweating like a xmas goat.
Jummy climbed the bed and sat down with him. One
way or the other, Jummy lips found its
way to his.
Which he couldn’t resist. They began
kissin g
hungrily and the rest was history.


Jummy re-adjusted her nightie and face

“Promise me you won’t break my
heart.” she said.

“Break you heart ke? I’m not in love with you.” he

“I promise.” he replied.

“You are the second person to have
S3x with me. I
don’t want to see you with other girls because i have
sealed this relationship.” she said
caressing him.

“Seal ke? Did mummy tell her to do
this?” he
She left him wondering. Just then his
phone beeped,
it was a message from Olanike.

“Good morning my
students.” Segun greeted addressing
the students
on the assembly ground.

“Good morning sir.” the students (mostly the junior
students responded)

“As you already know, we would be
playing against
Steadfast comprehensive college this
morning. And i’ll be calling the list of supporters
going with the
team.” he said as he began calling their
Among which were Jummy and Mary.
They all marched out of the assembly hall after the
principal had prayed for them.
teachers (the
games master and uncle steve)
accopanied the
students to their match venue.

IBADAN’ reads a sign post at the gate.
The security
men allowed them to park their school
bus in the parking lot but were not allowed to
come down.
of the security men went to announce
the arrival of
Brights college to the students lined up in
the hall. Five prefects(the headboy, the headgirl,
the games
prefect boy, the games prefect girl and
the sport
utility prefect) all went to welcome the
Brights college.

Segun came down and had a little chat
with them
before he mobilized the students from
his school
and led them to the football pitch where they all sat
down on the supporters seat. Segun and
members of the team went to the
dressing room
provided for them and changed to their school
jersey and their kits while the games
master was
addressing them tactically.


The announcement was made for the two teams to
line up in the passage which led to the
pitch. The
announcer said a brief history of both
schools in
terms of sport and past records.
Steadfast had
never lost at home before while Brights
was one of
the schools who are better of in away

The players matched out of the tunnel and there
were screams in the stands. Over three
steadfast students were in the stands
while thirty
Brights supporters were present.
“Its good to be at home.” Segun said
to the guy in
front of him.
By the touch line Jummy was standing
and when
Segun got near her, she gave him a peck.

The match started and Brights were the
first to
struck a goal by wilson, but steadfast
responded by
pulling two back to make the score 2-1 before

The second half began and Steadfast
made a change
by bringing Emmanuel on in the defence.
Segun became afraid and lost his confidence.

scored another sublime finish goal to
make it 3-1
before the Brights won a penalty which
Segun converted to make the score 3-2 which
was the final

At the end of the game, the players all
themselves but Segun tried as much as possible to
avoid Emmanuel. He left the pitch and
searching frantically for his girlfriend
(Nike). He saw
her afar standing by the brights school bus. He
walked up to her and saw tears welled
up in her

“Baby, whats up?” he greeted.

“Don’t come near me again. How there you lie to me
that you have nothing to do with Jummy
and here
you kissed her in my presence.” she
said and walked
away angrily.
Someone walked up to him and punched
him in the
stomach. He turned his head to see who
intruder was.

Segun turned to look at the intruder and discovered
it was Emmanuel.
He attacked him and
threw him to
the ground but he backed off
immediately he saw
the security men coming towards them. He settled
things with them and was allowed to go.

He went in
search of Nike but couldn’t find her
and he didn’t
know where her class was located. He tried her
number but the preset network operator
told him
her phone was switched up.
Segun gave up and went to join his other
team mates in the dressing room.

The students of brights college left
steadfast thirty
minutes later.
Segun sat close to the
window and
looking at the volleyball court he could see Nike
staring at their bus. He waved but got no

They got back to their school around
2pm and were
given a warm reception, the principal commended
them and told them to work harder in
subsequent matches. The ss3c students
got back to
their class and the guys began arguing about the
match they played. Segun sat down and
was thinking
about Nike.

“Segun, what’s wrong?” Jummy
asked with concern written on her face.

“Nothing.” he replied.

“Are you thinking about the match?”
she asked.

“Am not thinking about anything.” he
replied coldly. Jummy was suprised at his sudden
outburst, but she
didn’t retreat.

“Segun, you know you can tell me
what is wrong.”
Jummy said playing with his fingers.
“I have no problem to share with you. I
just want to
be alone.” he said angrily.

“Have you forgotten that i am your
girlfriend?” she
Segun stood up and left the class for the
staff room.
He got to the staff room and met the
absence of
uncle steve, he waited for five minutes
with the hope that he will return before the time
elapse but he
didn’t. Segun left the staff room and
walked back to
his class. He got back to the class and
saw Jummy still seated on his seat. He walked up to
her and

“Jummy, please i have somethings to

“Do it now.” Jummy said shifting for him.

“start going back to your seat.” he
commanded in a
low tone.

She stood up hissed and picked up his
phone with the aim of sending files from there to
hers. She got
back to her seat and opened his media,
where she
saw numerous pictures of Nike with
lovely names and also love messages in the message
inbox. She
copied Nike’s number and went back
to return his


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