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Must Read: It Is Teenage Love… Part 14

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Segun called all the members of the school football
team and addressed them on behalf of
the games
master. He reminded them of the need
to put more
seriousness in practice, so that they can triumph
over their opponent.
Segun left the school compound and
joined Jummy
outside as they both walked home.

“I never knew we could come back together this
soon.” Jummy said happily.

Segun was shocked.

“What did you say?” he asked
“I never knew we could be back
together this soon.”
Jummy said.

“What did you say?” Segun asked.

“I said i never believed we could get
back this soon.” she said.

“Get back together where?” he

“Never mind.” she replied.

They continued walking until they got to
the bus/stop where they boarded a bus home.

They arrived home fifteen minutes later.
entered the sitting room and saw a
small basket
filled with drugs.
“I think Mary is at home.” Segun said.

“Lets check on her.” Jummy replied.

They both walked towards Mary’s
knocked on the door and were told to
“Mary, how you feeling now?” Segun

“Much better. Welcome.” she greeted
her brother.

“Have you eaten?” Jummy asked.

“Yes.” Mary replied.
“Do you mind if i get you an energy
drink?” Jummy

“I don’t mind.” Mary replied.

“Segun where do i get the drink?” she
asked facing Segun.

“You first turning by the left in the
dining area is the
kitchen. So you check inside the fridge
you will see
there.” Segun explained in the best of his abilities.

“Okay.” Jummy said and went

“I’ll come back and check on you.”
Segun said and
He got into his room, changed from his
uniform to his house wears. He sat
down on his
reading table and began reading his
biology textbook without bothering to take his

An hour into his reading, his phone
ranged and
checking the caller, it was Nike.

“Hello.” he said smilling happily.
“hello. How are you.” she replied.

“Am not fine o.” he replied.

“Why?” she asked with audible
concern in her voice.

“You are yet to give me a reply based
on what i told you the last time we spoke on phone.”
he said.

“Oh that?” She asked rhetorically.

“Yeah and i have been having
headache since then.”
he replied which made her burst into laughter.

“You are not serious.” she said

“I am.” he replied.

“Really?” she asked.

“Nike, i love you what of you?” he asked.

The line went silent on the other end.

Segun checked
the phone to confirm if he was still on
call or she
had ended the call. He confirmed it that it was Nike
that kept quiet.

“Nike, are you there?” he asked.

There was a sniff on Nike’s end.

“Are you crying?” he asked.

“No, am not. Its just that…..” Nike said with a shaky voice.

“Segun.” his mother called from the
sitting room
interrupting his converstation with Nike.

He slugglishly dropped the call but not
after promising to call Nike later.
He walked
out of his
room and descended the stairs into the

“Welcome mum.” he greeted.
“How are you my son?” she asked.

Segun was suprised because since the
issue of
girlfriends started his mother has been
hard on him.

“Am fine ma.” he replied.
“How was school today?” she asked.

“It was fine ma.” he replied.

“I learnt you are getting on much
better with your
wife.” she said.

“No wonder, this woman was extra nice today.” he
thought within himself.

“What will you eat because i learnt
you’ve not eaten
your lunch?” she asked.

“What’s in the kitchen?” he asked.
“Rice and plantain?” she asked.

“No problem.” he replied.

Jummy who overheard the discussion
mother and son left the dining where
she was seated and left for the kitchen. She came
back with a
plate of rice and fried plantain with meat
and a
bottle of chilled water.

“Segun this is your food.” she said setting them on
the table.

Mrs Akinola on seeing this smiled at

“You have gotten a wife.” his mother
said silently.
Mary came out just then and witnessed
the little
action put in place by Jummy.

Segun walked past her and she pinched
him on the
arm. She smiled sheepishly. Segun sat down to eat and Jummy
walked back to
join Mrs Akinola in the sitting room.
sat beside
her and they began talking in low tones.

Segun could not decipher what they were discussing
but he could hear things like
“i’ll give
it all it takes.”,
“he must listen to me, am his

Straight away he knew they were talking about him.
But he pretended like he didn’t hear
them but he
would occasionaly clear his throat loudly
which will
make them silent for some seconds.
“Women and their gossips.” he
thought within

Then he remembered the promise made
to Nike. He
abandoned his food and ran straight to his room.
He dialled her number.

“Hello.” he said immediately she
picked the call.

“Hello.” she replied tiredly.

“Are you asleep already?” he asked.
“Yes.” she replied.

“Oh am sorry.” he apologised.

“No problem.” she replied.

“Nike, how about my question?” he

“Which question is that?” she asked feigning

“Nike, don’t pretend now. I said i love
you, please
give me a chance.” he said.

He was met by a ten seconds silence.
“Segun i understand how you feel but
please give
me time to think about it.” she pleaded.


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