-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 55

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty Four read it HERE!!!

Suga begged I come visit her and one thing was whenever she says please I let go of everything.. I dont like her saying it., it makes me feel sad..

I travelled down to see Suga.. she was beautiful as ever call her evergreen..

We had dinner..
She told me she was seeing someone and they were planning on getting married blah blah blah… as I listened carefully without showing any emotions…

But she said she is about calling off the marriage that she has cancer….and its bad but she hasnt told her fiance.

It sounded like a big bang in my ear…
My face froze and my heart stopped…

She then said she wants to spend the rest of her days with the one person she truly loves and that its me… she told me she has never stopped thinking of me, she said alot but my brain was shutting down hence I cant remember anymore…but she told me that I am the love of her life, she explained why she left me… she said I was not acting as if I was going to settle down soon and she was getting older, but now she just wants to live happily her last days…

I havenot cried in a long while but my eyes was raining… I couldnt say a thing… we only sat down looking at each other..

I spent the night at her place as I didnt go back home, Her fiance kept calling and calling but she didnt pick up..
we talked and reminisced on our moments and the crasy things we did… waoh I love this girl

I hugged her and told her be it 3years or less or more I wont leave your side..
I will be with you till the very end,.. but I am not giving up on you..
I love you Suga and will always, like till the end of time.. I will love you when you are sick, I will carry you.. when you feel you no longer beautiful, I will tell you that you are always n will always be the most beautiful I have ever seen..

She smiled and we kissed..

Its funny how you meet a thousand people but then one out of all em changes everything…

Well in the end me and Suga got married
I was 22 and she was 23 ..

I loved her and it didnt matter if it will be two years, three years ,more or less …
Its her for me… and looking back now I am glad I made that decision…

I love you Suga and will always,..

***THE END***


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wow so intriguing nd interested story

wow finally e dne finish….nice 1 guys kip more of dis cumin

the ending no sweet…nah the beginning sweet wen u dey fuck everygirl.

Mehn!..I Love This Piece

Nice 0ne atleast it’s nt ol bout sex….I swear u try wella

Wow!finally it ended wt Suga!nyc1 dere

Very nice and touching have read the story more than 5 times now

waoh i enjoy d story

a very sweetable story!!!!! keep its up


wow,what a nice and cool story,more grease to ur elbow

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