-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 53

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty Two read it HERE

Our Movement was smooth… I enjoyed every moment as Joy didnt make me feel as if am her Juniour but rather her paddi..

I asked how we go take go back cos it will be way too late… and she said she’s got everything under control I shouldnt worry..

We got to the venue,

Time checking it was already 11 PM so we hit the ground running no warming up…
Waoh every where was light up….

She showed me some girls say make I make choice.. but I was enjoying the attention I was getting you know…. some rich Niggers thinking na me dey control Joy..
Its funny how Rich brothers try to fall a fellow brother hand becos they have more money.. hmm

Na so one guy came to her and told her babe you deserve better.. and she replied he is the best so whats better? .. she come give me a peck and we ordered for highness and we got high professionally..

The girls too no mind even if you already have a girl beside you.. if you want some they will give you..

At the end of the day.. I was so forken high as in I was in a strange cloud….and I cant remember how it ended…

I woke up chai… hangover wan kill me.
I wanted going back to sleep but my phone kept ringing and someone called out saying that my phone is ringing na there I come remember say I bin come with Joy o..

It was mum so I answered and we talked, she asked me where I was, I lied… …
We kept talking and finally we said goodbye

I buried my head back underneath the pillow but then some one tapped me…
Joy: gudmn sir
Me answered without looking up…Morning Ma…

But she kept rolling her hands over me and then I was WTF, I looked up.. Joy was without clothes… all the highness leave me..
I was staring at a fully grown lady… hips, Bosom,.. flawless skin…I was looking at a beauty or something beyond that..

I didnt know what to say..but I guess my Johnson did all the talking as it was already up..

She leaned forward and kissed me na so I return am before I know whatsup…
I was too without clothes and my Johnson was forking hard and strong call it Arnold Schwarzenegger…… I dived into that Pussssy… and screwed it effortlessly but skillfully like Leo Messi…..

she was a X-trated star but had the skills of Lebron James as we both exhibited our forking skills.
We Erupted as the volcano … Jeez what a s*x as we both kept breathing very fast..

Her legs were shaking as we both laid quietly.. when she finally recovered she got up and went back into the bathroom…

I laid there wondering where I got such skills… but then I was filled with guilt as I remembered weytin my oga tell me..

Joy came out acted as if nothing.. I went in showered when I returned she was dressed and had her bags packed so I got dressed too..

She then said…
Ref… I had always felt like I owed you, now we are even and as it is now I want you to know you cant tell Mr Daniel(my oga) anything cos what just happened was recorded sorry I did that but it was some kind of protection….. for the record you are extremely good, I swear I enjoyed every minute of it and its been a while I felt this good but too sad it wont be happening again..

I felt used, I felt silly… as I couldnt say a thing…….it was then I remembered her talking and giving directives to one guy wey dey work there… talking about digital camera….

Damm bitchhhh

To Be Continued…

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