-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 51

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Fifty read it HERE

7 :30 I dey my Oga house,..
He was already dressed… this man is always time conscious.

He took me to his room, for the first time…
We sat down and he began to talk and I listened carefully…

He said, he will be gone for a period of time and that I will assume the role of his son as his two sons are in Canada and his only daughter is married far away..

He said I will take charge of the compound,.. spending most of times here and coordinating sweeping and maintenance of the building.. that he already begged my parents for thier permission.. and they agreed….

Though my parents had already informed me, but I feigned Ignorance..
I saw the trust in his eyes for me and love for Joy as he said please keep an eye for me on Joy.. .. he said plenty..

I wondered why this grown up man was suddenly acting like a baby chai again Love is a drug and the strongest stuff ever..
I felt he was rediscovering his self and feeling like a young Nigger..

We came down and met join arranging the dinning table and we had breakfast…
Looking at Joy its obvious the beauty for money and pleasure.. see hips see bobby..

Joy drove us to the airport..
My Oga said Joy should keep an eye on me as he was no longer there, She should act like an ederly sister for me blah blah..

After much hugging and affection display,.. it was time to say goodbye..

Joy droved as me tell am where me dey reside,.. she begin dey yarn but me no just wan talk…. I just dey the remember slaps wey I chop because of this girl chai my blood dey hot.. she pulled over..

She began begging telling me I shouldnt ruin her chances of getting married to this man, say na her everything be this..
She told me her madam was arrested by the police 2years ago unto say her madam bin dey arrange girls carry go spain, Italy and russia for prostitution.. so she got lucky and hooked up with this man when she relocated here and it has been a blessing as she has a good a job, owns a car and live in a good apartmnt all cos of this my Oga..
Blah blah blah…

I told her I am not instrested in her life..
So whatever she is doing with that man isnt my business… e.t.c

As we continued our Journey back home with both us minding our business.. I asked her out of curiosity how they got to know stuffs about me..

She said they knew nothing.. that the only thing they knew was where my dad was working and his position cos of the thanksgiving party.. e.t.c.

So when they needed someone for the job they remembered me and that was it..

Joy was now begging for forgiveness with tears in her eyes..

I was angry… chai this people use my head..
How am I sure she is real this time? What if na another scheming she dey do so…

To Be Continued…

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