-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 47

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Six read it HERE

As I stood looking at Nene in disarray, I narrowed my eyes in a way trying to show seriousness and composure I told Nene that I meant what I just said…

Nene kept laughing, now I was mortified, I walked slowly back to my bed…
I was about sitting down when Nene held me

Nene: forgive me, its just that hearing people talk about love tickles my fancy and I cant help but laugh cos I had stopped believing in all that crap.. however deari, it might be true that you love me but I am way older than you, and though I think I love you too but I cant allow myself to cos there is no future in it… so please lets not complicate issues and just enjoy the moment,..

I smiled cos I understood perfectly what meant, I was about talking but she leaned forward and kissed me deeply as I wan respond she reminded me that popsi em dey around say monday during break period for work make me dash in house say she go don finish weytin she bin wan do for school..

She kissed me again and said remember no strings attached please…cos love is demanding and it hurts so she doesnt have the energy instead lets keep it simple and be happy…

I smiled, I was more than pleased, what a great way to end a day… I picked up my phone and I wanted to delete Sugas number, I wanted to forget about her cos her thoughts was making me sad and energy saping, I need to get my mind right, I needed to be happy and stay focused and Nene was offering that…

Sunday came we all went to church and we had a great family time, somehow I kept looking at my phone wishing Suga called but she didnt..and the urge to call her was strong but I resisted..

Instead I turned my attention to Nene as we exchanged SMS.. and we talked dirty as we anticipated monday afternoon..

Monday finally came mumsi dropped me off, I was all smiling as I waited for lunch break, time was slow since morning I dey work time still dey for 10 AM, which kind tortoise time.. finally it was time and I was off.

We had a great afternoon me and Nene and booked another appointment by tuesday,.. before I know whatsup we were doing it even at nights when everyother persons were asleep.. we were hot and we couldnt help it….

Monday through friday we were having mind blowing s*x, and I had thought I would have forgetten about Suga by now but I realised I was lying to myself..

I missed her, I missed her smile, I missed our conversation,.. I missed us,.. I missed her stubborness, I missed my friend, I missed her giggles…

waoh she wasnt just my girlfriend but my best friend, ….

I picked up my phone to call her but I couldnt.. damm pride and pains.. as I asked myself weda she no dey miss me?

To Be Continued…

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