-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 45

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Four read it HERE

My phone woke me up as it rang it was my Suga… waoh the sound of her voice clears the sleep in my eye,..
She told me she misses me and would love to see me since I wont be going for my IT..

I told her she didnt need to ask me cos for sure I was thinking about her… she now asked me what I was sorry for Ysterday…

I tried going back to sleep but I couldnt, so I got up and rinsed mumsi car and then did other chores… had a lil talk with mumsy its been a while we did that and it was great as we kept laughing even popsi come wonder…

Sisi didnt go out today all of us (me, Sisi and Nene) stayed in the living room and gossip and yabbed each other.. finally I had to excuse em as I had a date with Suga.

I met my Suga at school and took her out for Lunch, and we had a great day, each time I looked into her eyes I felt sad I felt like telling her I messed up yesterday but I couldnt.. I love this girl, her smiles was just a turn on for me, she was the reason I believed in love,.. the world was beautiful and safe cos I had her

Suga: I missed you
Me: I know but I missed you more

We talked about things as we enjoyed our lunch and I was more than happy I showed up… Emotionz was getting high and she began professing her love for me

Suga: Nobody teaches a baby to crawl, nobody teaches birds to fly, nobody teaches the sun to rise and nobody teaches the fish to swim; the same is with me nobody teaches me to love you, I just do.

Love sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. Have faith in my love for you.

Have faith in my love for you,.. believe in my love cos I love you sincerely, I wont ever hurt you I need you to trust me, cos I trust you..

Those words made me feel heavy and I didnt have a choice than to tell her the truth so that this guilt could leave me..

Me: suga I am sorry, I did something I am not proud of and I have no excuse for what I did…I am truly sorry.

Suga: I am listening dear

I became thirsty, My heartbeat was faster than Usain Bolt and Gatlin joined togeda..
I stammered and blinked

Me: I dont just know where to start just know that I am sorry and I didnt mean to

Suga: I am listening

Me : just know that I love you more than anything and will always

Suga: I am listening

Me: I slept with someone yesterday

Her face froze her eyes changed from lovey dovey to fire but then she smiled

Suga: like did you just sleep on the same bed? I Dont understand … what did you do?

Me: I had s*x with someone else

Suga: with who?

Me: does it matter just know that I am sorry and I want you to forgive me

Suga: with who?
as her voice went loud drawing attention

Me: Nene

She was shocked.. her eyes widened,

Suga: with Nene?

Me: yes..

Suga: why? With a shaky voice

Me: I am sorry love, I can explain, it was just

Suga: its okay

She stood up, carried her handbag and walked out..

I didnt know if to follow her,

To Be Continued…

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