-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 44

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty Three read it HERE

After we both showered and got into our clothes, Nene begged me not to leave her that it will only make her keep thinking…. but if I am around her we will be talking hence her mind will be off some things..

I agreed and we both started talking about life, celebrities, music and our dreams..

Nene told me she wonders if she will trust any man again cos if her fiance could be this deceptive, some one she respected and trusted.. ..

That even when she finally marries it will be just for children, cos men are not worth it, that no matter what,…. they will have a side girl somewhere, so she will just marry and expect less from her husband and not 100% faithfulness..blah blah.

Her phone interupted our conversation as it began ringing… it was her fiance as she flung her phone back into the bed..

She told me she is not ready to hear from the guy…

Mehn this guy gave Nene 20 miss calls in a blink of an eye… Nene had no choice but to switch off her phone…

I told Nene to forgive the guy that probably it could have been one moment of weakness but Nene said it was not true that she will forgive him but will not go back to him cos of the pregnancy……

That evening I didnt want to talk to Sug cos I was feeling guilty…
love is one thing in which I cant understand why was feeling guilty after evrything after all the s*x was great and I enjoyed it but here I was so unhappy.. I felt like telling Suga but it will destroy the trust..

Suga called but we didnt talk much and I couldnt tell her I love her but rather I told her I was sorry she asked why?
I formed Netwrk and ended the call, she called again and I did same thing… she finally finally gave up and sent a message across telling me she loves me..

I laid quietly in my bed quietly as I kept tossing and turning sleep kept elluding me.. Nepa come give light na so I stand up begin tap my PES…

After a while my door open na Nene enter..
I didnt want to do any of this anymore..
I am already feeling sad for cheating on my suga… just when I was about talking she said

Nene: please I cant sleep and I dont want to be feeling depressed can I just stay with you… you prolly teach how to play your game..

I adjusted and Nene sat beside me..
I thought her the controls and in no time we were playing, though I didnt enjoy the game cos she was not good but Nene eyes were shinning bright as a sign of happiness and her face light up…this was enough for me to keep playing and allowing her win and sometimes allow PK..

We kept playing talking, hitting each other till around 3:00 AM time checking and it was fun..

Finally we decided its late we should try getting some sleep….
Nene kissed me and told me thank you for making me smile.

I managed a smile but deep inside of me I want to tell her I dont want this anymore as I cant cheat on my Suga..

But how do I tell her without making her more sad? Maybe I should just help her recover from her emotional instability..
Damm I was confused

To Be Continued…

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