-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 42

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty One read it HERE

This day I didnt go for my IT…
I was so tired as dem dey use me like multipurpose for there so I formed sick they gave me 3 days to relax and chilled at home.. I wokeup at about 9AM

Filled with joy I called my Suga as I love hearing the sound of her voice……
Na so I dey smile dey roll untop bed untill my airtym finished she called back…
But then weytin we bin dey talk self?
We just dey burn airtym..

I love this girl… I guess love is a drug and strongest stuff ever… it makes you happy and makes you sad…
I smiled to myself As I realised I was sick or infected with love but I dont want to be cured… damm Emotionz Emotionz Emotionz!

Came downstairs everywhere don quiet for house, I felt I was home alone ….. I locked the gate, sweep, wash clothes, eat,… come sitdown the watch TV.. NEPA come take light…. Time checking it was 1:30PM

Sluggishly I went into my room and back into my bed na so I try wan wan sleep again.. after like 45mins finally sleep come enter me..
I felt someone was standing in my room….
Ah! fear do me somehow cos I thought I was the only one home and moreso I don lock gate how this one take enter?..,..

So I opened my eyes…
I recognised who was standing in my room with her nightgown, with puffy and reddish eyes…

was she tarrying or she dey mourn person cos her face be like person wey no sleep or wey bin dey cry for weeks now

She pulled the tiny hands of her nightgown as it dropped effortlessly to the floor and she stepped out of it…. now standing with nothing except her white pant…

I was lost in confusion, whats going on? Was I dreaming?…. I swallowed hard…

She came closer to me and said take this anger away from me,…

I still dey look am like I no understand how I wan take the anger comot from her na so I come ask how?

She came closer and said Fork this anger out of me with anger and sadness in her eyes.. but me no fit still move..

Na so she sat beside me bent over and kissed me,.. I didnt respond but she didnt mind as she went inside my boxers..

I tried not to respond, but she was determined as I no follow kiss am she disengaged and used her mouth else where as her warm mouth covered the tip of my johnson… the silly johnson reacted it began to grow

Johnson dey grow becos of blood flow..,.. so as blood the flow enter am e dey comot am from brain as my brain begin dull I come 4get my suga..

In no time I was without clothes as I tried to meet her momentum.. she kissed me with so much energy as we kept rolling on top bed.. finally she got ontop me she held me johnson,.. I murmured condoms but I was already half way in… she was so wet, so warm… as she took erything in,.. and relaxed for some seconds, she gave time for settling in…. the walls of her pusssssy contracted..

She began bouncing on top me with intensity and as her assss kept bouncing on my hipbone and she complemented the noise from that with her moanings.. as it turn into in a rythm..

She took me hand and placed it on her breasst as I fondled and squeezed it..
She closed her eyes..

I was feeling her pussssy walls contract as I was hitting something inside and she held her tummy each time that happens in with an ouch sound in response..

I began to see the stars I knew I was closed, it was so fast ….. but she was no where near her finish line, I tried to slow the momentum but no way she was in control.

I was already falling over in no time my thighs were shaking and all my muscles contracted and then relaxed and I went flaccid..

She tried riding on but no way…
She was angry, she looked at me with anger..

To Be Continued…

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