-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 41

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Forty read it HERE

Suga was in the bathroom cleaning up, I remembered her smile as she kissed me and said I love you before heading to the bathroom.

I felt guilty, I felt I didnt even respect Ella but then we were not dating anymore, why this guilt?

I should accept she is gone and take it as part of experience in life..
I promised to love Suga right, I will be honest, I will try to always put a smile on her faze.. cos some how deep inside of me I feel I am in love…

My attitude towards people changed, I respected my parents the more and everyday I try to remind them that I love em and will love em forever not just them Sisi, Nene and my niggers,…

I realized being kind to people make em wanna take advantage of you but then I felt it was part of human beings to be cunny, greedy and deceptive….


School resumed, me and Suga now be 400L student and I ll b going on a 6 month industrial attachment… having a placement was not a big deal as popsi sort that out for me..

Sisi and Nene dem dey arrange thier clearance things,… as Nene and her boyfriend the wax stronger na so I come dey hear runmor say after her NYSC na marriage… I was happy for her after all I now have Suga.

Me showed much love to Suga and she reciprocated,….We saw each other almost everyday,..
Made love whenever we can cos with her it wasnt s*x or forking but making love as it was always passionate…

But one thing I didnt like was her orgasms, her orgasms were always too intense and after that she will be too tired to go for another round which was always frustrating to me but I didnt allow that to be a problem as I adjusted after all there were other beautiful things she offered.

Being in love is funny as you do things which you never thought you could do, so never say never..lolz.
We talked about things our past relationships, our dreamz e.t.c.

I told suga literally everything exception of my age cos she was a year older than me so I lied that we wey mate.
she made me believe she was telling me everything and that she was sincere but I was wrong cos women have Ph.D in secrecy and beguilement, I swear… hmm thats a story for another day..

6 months into the relationship I believed the saying love is blind as me no dey see any other girl except My Suga, if you like fine like mermaid, waka Unclad It doesnt move me.. her smiles gives me a hard on, with her time flies cos its never time to leave.. Referee was finally in love.

I loved, trusted and appreciated my Suga and she made me believed she loved me too… I was begining to feel I no fit cheat on my Suga as I boosted to my friends, I told em my Johnson wont even be moved except its suga.

But on this fateful afternoon……

To Be Continued…

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