-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 40

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Thirty Nine read it HERE

I was more than sad, even Nene was bordered about me, nothing was instresting to me I just wanted Ella to be okay…

Our moments together kept playing in me head and everything looked as if it was just yesterday.. I visited her everyday…
As me and her mum prayed for her.

On the third day in the night my phone rang and it was from a nurse we exchanged numbers…. she said Ella was awake.
I couldnt sleep no more all through the night I was filled with joy.

In the morning I was filled with energy as I rinsed mumsy and popsi car and did many things so tay mumsy confuse and left for work in a happy mood….

I got to the hospital and met Ella’s Mum but was surprised when Ella smiled at me, she was beautiful as ever, even in her bandages….. tears rolled down her cheek, I moved closer and held her hand the urge to hug and kiss her was building but I couldnt cos of her mum…..

I wiped her tears she looked at her mum and told her mum to excuse her to my surprise the mumsy walked out like zombie.. na there I know say anything for the sick girl.

She wasnt very audible as she began to talk…

Ella: I am sorry for the pains I caused you..
Those guys that did beat you at the gate was arranged by me… and here you are standing by bed side, as tears rolled down again

She wanted saying more but I cut in..

Me: its okay pretty I am happy you okay… I am the one to be blammed, I should have treated you better, you deserve better, I am sorry for evry pains I caused you…

Ella smiled and I wiped her tears and gave her a peck and we sat and talked alot as she told me how the accident happened as she could remeber… I was happy and so was her mum… I stayed till at about 9 PM.. as it was hard to leave her but I promised to visit her tomorrow as a matter of fact evryday till she leaves the hospital..

I had called home and told em I visited my friend who was involved in accident ….

Suga kept calling but I refused picking up..
I just wanted Ella to keep smiling and nothing more as her eyes was filled with joy and thiz sparkling light, she was shinning and her face glowin…. got home and slept like a baby.

The next day at about 10 AM I went back see her but this time around I met a pale Ella who couldnt talk anymore, her eyes closed on a life support machine they doctor said her organs are failing and shutting down…

Damm I cant believe this, so unbilievable, I know miracles do happen and I prayed and hopef for one… My heart skipped, my eyes got wet, everything was in slowmotionz her mum called me and gave me a hug, as we enjoyed the silence…..

Ella stopped breathing at about 7PM …
Time of death according to doctors…..

I have never felt this sad before in my life, everyone tried consoling… even my mum come decode say e be like say me bin dey run thinz with this ma friend and told me its okay that I will learn to love again….

The burial was just a day after, Suga called early in the morning as usuall but this time she said if she could accompany me to the burial but I declined for I knew I may prolly breakdown and I didnt want her seeing that.

As Ella was lowered down the road all of us will walk, damm I fought back tears as I realised this was the last day I will ever see her now all I had was memories..

In that moment I realised that we should try not to hurt people, we should be kind, be loving, we should learn to forgive, we should let go of pride, we should help one another in our own little ways, we shouldnot be deceptive but appreciative of people around us, as we only live in the hearts of those we leave behind, and we may never get a second chance to make it right….

I felt I was responsible for her death as I remembered the words she told me for you I was ready to be the good girl.. I began to feel If we were still together may be She wouldnt have been out that night clubbing..

Those thoughts made me hate myself, I should have loved her right, I should have treated her right, I didnt know when I started walking nor neither did I know where I was going, it startrd raining seriously but I kept on walking in the rain and was drenched as I was lost in my thoughts, guilt and tears…

I needed someone to talk to or maybe I should roll kush instead, I was confused but kept on walking…Finally I saw myself at Suga’s doorstep I knocked and Suga appeared though surprised she ushered me in… I went into her bathroom and got out of my black suit and came out with a towel… na there I notice say my phone don spoil., I had been walking with my phone in the rain but I cared less.

She brought sweater for me, hurriedly made me tea,… but I didnt drink we sat without saying a thing as tears kept rolling down my cheek.

After a while she came closer to me, hugged me and whispered you cant change it but you can only accept it….and went mute.

I didnt know when I whispered to her I love you and will always, she looked upto me and kissed me as I responded and we continued kissing and gradually increasing the tempo passionately., as our hands began moving

She broke the kiss stood to her feet and dropped her bum short and pulled over her sweater exposing her beautiful body, she pulled me and dropped my boxers and pulled over my sweater… kissed me and gently pushed me as I sat back on the Sofa.

She sat on top my legs facing me as we continued kissing as I went for her breassst, cupped and sucked it as she moans in pleasure and began stroking my Johnson… as I began to feel her wetness on my laps,.. she raised her arss and slowly sat on my johnson as it slid in gradually.

She closed her eyes and moaned as she tried taking in full lenght, threw her hair backward, wraps her hands round my neck and slowly she began to wind, twine and weave on top me with slow but steady rythm with soft maons… uuh, argh, uhh, uuh..

After a while she began to squeeze me as her body began to shake she stopped the movement and stiffled as I laid her down and began the in and out movement as my name became a caller tune, her knees began shaking, she let go of everything as her hands was shaking and her fingers twitching, the sight of this motivated me, I increased my speed and I ran out of fuel and we both came to a stop…….

To Be Continued…

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