-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 38

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Thirty Seven, read it Here

Got downstairs… put on my boxers and Jean but no singlet, T shirt and Palm slippers, I couldnt pick them up cos of her screams and she been dey push me with all her strenght….
Checked for my phone make I call Suga so she can pick me… ouch I remembered she had removed my phone and wallet and placed them on her table when we bin begin touch touch… I realised I am not going anywhere.

I sat down on her couch and reason many things… I come dey feel say E b like Joy madam dey into prostitution, traficking. I decided within myself after this I am out, make she do weytin she wan do.. I also prayed that if I get out of this mess without any problem I will be a good boy no more girlfriend, s*x till I marry nor will I smoke, drink e.t.c.

Time was slow I began to feel uncomfortable as everywhere was quiet, I thought of going back to ask for my belongings but I couldnt finally at about 12:00 PM.. A black corrola pulled up, the door opened and it was Joy madam..
She came inside I greeted her but she just Ignored me and went upstairs…

After like 30mins she came down with my properties… she gave me a long stare and then threw my things at me and said in the car…..

At her compound she got down as I wan open door she opened the door and barked at me you no wan comot?

Me come down come arrange stand, dey talk for mind nothing dey happen…..

She went in and came out with a bum short and a white polo accompained by two big guys na there I know say something dey happen… I felt like peeing, I wanted to run but to where?

Ma: weytin happen?
Me: for where?

She was surprised with my response, she smile come signal one of the guy na so I hear thunder sound everywhere come dey dark as one heavy slap land for my face na so I come dey hear whistling sound..

My face hot e b like say dem pour pepper.

Ma: u think say I dey play with you? Do you know how much I have lost, my reputation in the business? Blah blah blah

Na so dem order me make I pull my clothes, lie down flat for ground… I hesitate but as those guys moved towards me in no time I was Unclad lying on the floor.. chai floggin wey I recieve that day no be here…… some parts of my bum bum peeled…. I was scared of what these people were capable of doing na so I begin dey foam for mouth..

After everything they came back with thier threat if I talk anything to anybody..
I walked outside called Suga who picked me and we went to her place… her sister was not home

We got to her plac, she boiled water for me to shower, my body aches my bumbum was on fire I couldnt squat or sit for more than 10mins..
I showered, came out Suga prepared indomie but I had no appetite..

I laid down on her couch and I thought of so many things, my life and so on na so tears comot for my eye as Suga wiped dem away..

She gave me Hug and I held her tight and thanked her as more tears filled my eyes..
Leta we talked and she began advising me I should be more careful in life blah blah, that she cant stand the thought of something happening to me…

She kept a steady gaze and suddenly me begin feel shy, she went mute and suddenly she kissed me… and then Said I love you Ref more than you know.. as she began to tell me all the qualities she sees in me…

I was confused cos she once told me she had a boyfriend and now she is saying all this… so I just told her thank you and kissed her back …

I got home early, avoided everyone and then put on my thinking cap..
I decided to remove my sim card and destroy it so that Joy them wont have access to me, as I decided I wont have anything to do with them anymore, I stopped fearing the consequences….. thought of ways to conceal my marks and pains from my family members and then I slept off…

Days passed I was gradually healing,.. and Suga was showing me love on daily basis.
I met with my niggers and told them about the Suga development and they said it was too dangerous to fall in love with her becos beautiful girls like her will only break my heart as I will struggle for her attention unto say plenty big boys go dey instrested.. they suggested I should lock my heart, fork her and enjoy the moment..

But I liked her so much and I cant decieve, she was my friend, and was always there for me.. sincerely I was cool with the friendship, I can spend the whole day with her and never get bored though I wanted her for she was very beautiful.. the only girl that I think is one step above Nene when it comes to beauty…

What my niggers said was true kind off as she gets expensive gifts from guys and so on…
So I decided we sort ourselves out…. so we went out on a date..
I asked her about her boyfriend she said the guy broke up with her cos according to her the relationship was a kind of born again relationship and so on.

Anyways at the end of the day she told me the only reason she will break my heart is cos of religion as she was a Jehovah Witness and she cant marry outside her church, that she truly loves me..

Well I never took it serios cos I never thought I will love her enough to think of marriage,… but I was wrong..

We went back to her place kissed and touched seriously but I was able to control myself and I told her we shouldnt rush things, she should take her time untill she feels she is ready….

Going back home I remember the promises I made to myself… no girlfriend,s*x, drinking e.t.c if I get out of Joy them mess without any problem and now somehow Its like everything will be alright and I am already having girlfriend…

I felt sad again but then I like this girl and I had always wanted her..

To Be Continued…

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