-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 37

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Thirty Six, read it Here

I walked in slowly got into the living room…
The engine of the Rav 4 came alive and slowly fades away, as the sound of the rolling gate came to an end …….
I looked around the living room it was sophisticated I saw pictures at the end of the wall close to the dinning so I decided to take a close look..

In the picture I saw a white guy, then an african lady with two white kids…. I dont think I know them… so it was needless looking further.
I decided to call sug to know if she succesfully followed us………but then footsteps were approaching…….

I decided to compose myself and hide my fears na so I come bone face like boniface, chest out and then pocket one hand..

Finally appeared a tall lady with a bum short and a polo,… she had big bossoms as I observed…. Its rare to see this kind of bossoms… I lack the words to describe them.. she had a flat bum bum no hips at all, it was like her bossoms have taken everything she was suppose to share with her other parts of the body and a K type of leg…. but she has a pretty face..
Guessing, she should be in her late 30s..
She was the lady in that picture I was starring at…..

Me: Goodafternoon Ma’am

Oh please call me Gloria with an oyibo accent
Me: ok..
Gloria: you are the boy from the blue house?
Me: what?
Gloria: are you not the one that came with joy?
Me: yes Ma’am oh sorry Sister oh sorry Gloria Ma..

She Smiled…
Gloria: its okay lets get to business..follow me..

My mind was a lil bit at ease at least she is nice… but I began wondering what kind of business? I decided if its drugs me no go carry am o… if dem wan fork my dad up make dem do am me no ready to go jail or die young abeg…….

we got to a room upstairs she pushed the door open… I stepped in, it was chill becos of the AC….
She sat on the bed looked at me and smiled.

I looked around the room and saw 2 huge dildoes on top her drawers.. she noticed my stare cos I have never seen em before aside in X-trated movies
She stood up and picked em up….and said I wont be needing this anymore now that You are here..

I now understood exactly what was expected of me… chai I was heartbroken, I cried in my heart this lady is too big for me.. I swear, where do I start? But I remember my Dad..

She came closer and kissed me, I didnt respond..

Gloria: why are you acting like this? I paid your madam heavily for this so stop acting as if you are a novice… even if you dont like me its non of my business but I demand my services and to my satisfaction…

I could see clearly she has self esteem problems cos of her looks… but its understood she really is an improper fraction … like 7/3

She kissed me again this time I responded, she was a good kisser,….. it was becoming hot, I was still filled with respect for her so I didnt touch her Bosom or try pulling her clothes but allowed her take the lead, she pulled my polo and placed her on hand my crotch, my johnson was gradually getting erect.. she grabbed and stoke it…
It responded as it began to grow in size..

She dropped my jean and in no time I was Unclad with an erect Johnson she looked down at it smiled and whispered bad boy ..

She came closer I held her and now raised her polo and she helped me as the polo got over her head…..

WTF… I didnt know when I said that, I was starring at the biggest bossoms I have ever seen, I was thunderstruck, I couldnt move, my johnson shrank, all the blood flowed back to my brain as it try to explain to me what I am starring at…

Gloria’s bossoms were not just big but long as it laid down her flat tommy…

She felt terribly abashed and Immediately got into her polo and started screaming get out get out get out, .. I tried picking my clothes but she pushed me na so I just try grab my boxer and my trouser…

To Be Continued…

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