-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 34

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Thirty Three, read it HERE

I knew deep in me this girl na scam so I didn’t take her words seriosly so I never expected her calls…

Weeks passed but this saturday in the morning my phone rang I answered…
Surprisingly it was this girl I was like WTF..

She apologised for not calling earlier that she travelled and now she is back and she wants to see me so we fixed an appointment…

4PM I called her and notified her I was leaving home she said no wahala… I got into a neat polo, a blue jean and a palm slippers, picked up my wrist watch and then enter mumsy room use her perfume make I dey more expensive..
Looking at the mirror erything was dandy

I got to the place she directed so I called her again after like 10 minutes she came out and took me in…

Waoh the compound was neat.. interlocked frontage, it had a garage where 3 cars were parked… then 2 girls Unclad were held down by two hefty guys and one beautiful tall lady was with a belt talking,
she was threatening to put em pepper for thier peepee….

They gurls had bruises on thier body and they were crying as the lady kept pleading,
Listening they were talking about dollars so I thought maybe it was business gone bad..

I didn’t like what I saw but It wasnt my business,…

Inside she apologised for what I saw..
She asked what I wanted but I told her I was good.. so nothing ,….we talked..

She seems to know everything about me but I knew nothing about her….everything about me as in from my parents to me, down to my dept and level I was dumbfounded

I became uncomfortable and started asking questions but she said her name was Joy…
Me: Joy who?
Joy: She said that will be all for now..
Me: What about your parents? Is this your house? Are you working? Are you in school?
Joy: yh I am a law student the rest won’t be necessary for now…

She said that with a smile

Mehn I became uncomfortable and I wanted to leave.. It wasnt funny anymore,
How can someone know every details of your life like that and you know absolutely nothing about her

I told her I will be going that it was nice meeting her..
She said I shouldnt be in a hurry that she wants me to meet some one and besides how about my money…..
She said I should please wait a lil..

While waiting three girls forken beautiful well dressed came to the living room waved at me with a smile and walked out of the house..

After some awkward silent moment she said I should please relax and nothing to be afraid of…
Blah blah blah

Well we began talking about life, places and other stuffs but I wasnt comfortable at all but I didnt want to be a chicken so I chill..

To Be Continued…

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