-In That Moment (18+)

Must Read: In That Moment (18+)… Part 33

A story written by Referee… If you missed part Thirty Two, read it HERE

Nene was doing very Ok and Finally she was discharged, she returned home….
Nene started talking to me just to avoid any suspicion of animosity between me and her by my parents but it was just goodmorning… and she also resumed school in full

After a while I decided to apologise so I could move on as it became a burden in my heart..
When I had the chance I went to her room she was copying some notes… I sat down on her bed but she pretended as if no one walked in…

Me : Goodmnin Nene
Nene didn’t answer as we both sat quietly..

I moved closer to her and got on my Knees and called her again Nene…. it was then that I got her attention

I told her I never wanted to cause her any pains and as it happened it wasnt my intention that she should forgive me and understand as I am young and Inexperienced and being in love with her and seeing her love another makes me sad and jealos.. she should forgive me take me back as a brother please that I am sorry sincerely and promise her I would never insult nor say ill things about her that today henceforth She will be my sister which I never had..

Nene finally looked in my direction and said I have forgiven…

I gave her the bag and the earrings but she refused but I pleaded with her that if she doesnt get it from me it will mean she still hasnt forgiven me..

At last she collected them and then held me up gave me hug and that was it …. we sat down gist, I told her I could help her with the notes she had missed blah blah blah….

Life was good.. you know libary, Nigger time and then hunting for a girlfriend….
Me and Suga over time became good friends…
She kept asking me about the girl we helped if she has called and I told her No and she will say I told you..

Actually I did it for the girl at the botique not because I wanted her as I knew I didn’t stand a chance with her but out of pity… so it wasnt hurting that she didn’t call and I kept reminding Suga I wasnt expecting her call..

At the end of the month my Dad was promoted at work place to a managerial position it was a thing of joy plus the fact that it means increament in allowance for me if my Economist and disciplinarian mum go gree…

Dad decided to celebrate so he organised a saturday eve cocktail party with his friends and Sunday thanksgiving…..
I invited my friends too…

Saturday eve came and the venue was filled with friends, families , colleagues, enemies and well wishers….
As the vibes they go on I couldn’t believe who I saw it was the girl at the botique..

She was simply classy, I noticed she came with Mr Raymond one Rich Man like that for Area..
Anyways me mind my business afterall I didnt even know her name so how do I start?

As the party dey go on I couldnt take my eyes off her as in sometimes me the check am out..
Eventually our eyes… but she was composed and acted as if nothing..

I began to wonder if na she be this, so I called on my friend Suga she confirmed that she was the one and even wanted to go meet her, but I told her not to..

I decided to let go and enjoy the moment with my niggers after a while Someone tapped me I turned it was her..

I excused my friends she gave me a handshake and begin phoney ah na so me compose join the phoney too..

She apologized for not paying me back blah blah blah that she will do that nxt week or so finally she asked what I was doing here…..

To Be Continued…

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