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Must Read: I’m Pregnant For My Cousin Again, After 2 Abortions

This is a true life story and its from a reader/friend, things are happening in this world… Read below:

Hello, my name is anonymous, I’m a polytechnic student and I am pregnant for my cousin for the third time. Me and my cousin are age mates in our early twenties, we’ve been secretly dating for 2 years now.

I don’t have a boyfriend neither does he have a girlfriend, we started having s*x 2 years ago and this is my third pregnancy for him, we’ve previously aborted 2 pregnancy that almost took my life. Its all started when I gained admission in his school, I was told to live with him for some period before I would get my own accomodation cos he was a year senior to me and he was living alone in one room on campus.

I accepted to live with him cos we are cousins and I see nothing bad in it, to cut the story short we started having s*x due to the fact that I’m always careless with my body. I broke up with my boyfriend and he also did the same thing to his girlfriend, we fell in love with each other, we were behaving like couples to the extent that neighbours were suspecting, we had s*x almost everytime cos I decided to live with him as couples on campus before my mother separated us because she wasn’t comfortable with the way we were living together.

Now, I am pregnant again and I am really scared of abortion because the last one I did almost took my life, its not like we don’t use condoms but we can be careless sometimes. Our parents must not hear about it, I’m 6 weeks gone now, my cousin is begging to go for an abortion but I am so scared and out of my mind cos I don’t want to die.

I don’t know what to do, I’m even considering informing our parents cos I don’t want to die, what can I do apart from abortion?

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