-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 4

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As I was eating my food, I started a conversation with Mariam.
She was responding very well. She told me that she went to the same school as Anita (Uniben) and that she lived close by. I asked her why she chose Uniben and she told me that her mother was an edo woman, and she didnt have problems understanding edo. I understood a little bit of edo myself, so I started speaking the little I knew. She was laughing at me. I then told her that she was beautiful. Do you know how that statement -”You’re beautiful”- affects girls? Chai. The girl just gave a shy smile and said thank you.
After some minutes, Anita came back inside. She was smiling as she walked inside and caught us talking. She joked about me already toasting her friend. We all laughed. I had only known Anita for some days now, and this was the second physical contact, but I already felt like I knew her more than enough.
When I finished eating she came to clear my plate. As she bent down to pick up the plate, my dick shouted! Those two oranges were staring right at me.
As she stood up, I looked at Mariam and found out that she was also looking at me. I think she saw my brief re-action to seeing her friend’s bosoms. How she take know say I see anything sef?
She gave me a devilish smile. That kind smile wey fit charge your dick without electricity.
I smiled back at her ooo. Wetin I wan do before. I just knew that this girl was interested in me. Change of plan! I’ll get Anita later!
Na wetin my head think be that, straight up.
When Anita came back, we started discussing about different things. Then the conversation somehow came to Indecency, about Indecency producers. Mariam was saying that no matter what, the Indecency producers would have hard-ons while shooting Indecency movies. I told them that the Indecency producers have seen enough pu**ies and it could not charge them again.
Then Anita talked about Indecency. She said that even people that have watched tons and tons of Indecency still get excited when they see Indecency playing. I told her that it depends, that as for me, if I want to be charged, thats when I’ll get charged.
Thats how Mariam just chipped in jokingly that she saw my dick moving when Anita bent down to pick my plate and showed me her bosoms. She asked that why couldnt i control that one.
Chai! Even if we had been talking about Indecency since, i still felt embarassed o. I just smiled and looked down at my trouser.
Anita gave me one kinky smile. She asked me if I was actually staring at her bosoms.
Oboy! I couldnt talk at first oo.. But i just talk say yes. Say her bosoms na wonder bosoms. Anita laughed.
Upon the embarassment, my John Thomas started moving in my trouser oo. I then started feeling angry with myself for not wearing jean trousers. Why I go wear pant trouser, ehn??!!
As me sef catch my John Thomas dey move, na hin Anita and Mariam too see am.
Anita begin blush. Her face turn red. I notice say she don dey feel shy already. But Mariam no feel shy at all ooo. She just dey open one kind teeth.
Its not as if I’m shy around girls, but this was the first time I was around two girls in such a intimate-tension filled atmosphere. I looked at Anita, she was already getting very uncomfortable. I guess I wasn’t the only one then.
I looked at Mariam, she was very confident. She seemed very experienced in this kind of situations. She still had a smile on her lips. She bit her lower lip. My pubic region was burning like someone who had just finished grating red pepper and mistakingly touched his dick area. I wanted to just shout ”lets
get Unclad!!!”.
It was Mariam who spoke first, though.
”Are you shy?”, she asked me.
I just kept looking at her like WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??
she glanced at Anita and laughed.
I was a professional when I was with just one girl, but with two, I was an amateur, obviously.
I did not know how to start. Should I just walk up to Mariam and say ”Baby, lets Bleep”, or I should just say ”Girls, I want to Bleep oo”.
I just took my eyes away from Mariam’s eyes and looked at my trouser. The head of my d**k was poking out through my pant trouser, very vividly.
Anita was keeping her head down. She was ‘shy-ier’ than me!!!
Praise God!! Her chest was moving up and down with each deep breath she took.
Then from nowhere, Mariam stood up and started moving towards me. I suspected the two girls to be bi-intimate. Surely they must be lesbians when they’re alone together, because I saw the heat and connection whenever Mariam looked at Anita.
There was lust in their eyes. Was I going to be their play thing?
What if they were not interested in men at all, and they just wanted to play with me? No! I tackled my mind immediately.
This girls want Bleep, and I must give it to them.
As Mariam was approaching, i noticed that she had nice hips.
She was swaying it expertly. Her waist was reciting the vowels of love with each sway. She finally got very close to me. I was unable to move. This girl had captured me already, and I was willing to serve.
She pushed my chest a little, and I fell back on the chair.

”You came here to Bleep, abi?”


”you knew she’d be home alone and you came here to Bleep my


”Well, you’ll have to Bleep me first.”

Immediately I heard that last sentence, my system kicked back to
life. I realized what I had to do, and quick.
I grabbed her Bottom and squeezed it very hard. She let out a soft moan.
*In this stage of the operation, there is another seriously injured patient, and I have to attend to her first before i continue with my initial assignment. Scissors!*
she brought her face down to mine and started kissing me hungrily.
So she knew I was coming? My mind was asking me! Shut up! I told my mind.
She must have been around when I messaged Anita and Anita must have told her I was coming.
I quickly washed all those ones away from my mind.
From the side of my eyes, I could see Anita’s hand touching her pubic through her gown, with style.
I squeezed Mariam’s Bottom again. Then we heard the gate.


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