-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 3

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I had never really been a fan of errands. I hated being sent on errands anyhow, although I was not the kind to openly express my detest for it. Something, however, changed after my encounter with Anita. I started wanting my Pman to send me to Mr. Chizoba’s house.
I dey do my normal parole with Anita on whatsapp, but the thing never too bam like that. I no wan just go her house anyhow make her parents com dey suspect my motives.
I sha dey whyne the girl ontop whatsapp, dey ask am things about herself. The girl dey answer everything o. She no be like all these girls wey go dey form protective anyhow. If I dey use style near how we go meet for different place or anything wey involve two of us, na lol dey always end am from her. She no wan too dey attached.
I had the feeling that she was also taking the parental friendship thingy seriously. She no want any kasala.

One day, I dey sitting room dey watch film with my Pman. Well, na hin dey watch the film gan gan, cuz my own attention dey divided. I dey browse, dey chat, dey watch TV, dey plan strategies, dey do this, dey do that…for that same place wey I siddon. Since I don come back from school, na only one girl I don bleep. I still dey try arrange how I go meet that same girl again, make she com help my condition. The kind konji wey Anita don give me na everlasting konji. I just dey think different things.

”Bobby, you’ll go and give Mr. Chizoba some other documents for me tomorrow morning”. Na night we dey.
”Go very early ooo. I wont want you to go to his house and not meet him there”

My heart develop mouth, begin smile. I dey even wish say na that night hin talk say make I go give am the document. I maintain my balance sha.

”Daddy, the document is very important, abi?”

”Its important. Although, I just want the document to leave my hands. Its better if he holds it.”

From that yarn, i conclude say the document dey important oo, but no be by force say make the document reach the man hand tomorrow. Na just make the thing leave my Pman hand, na wetin my Pman dey find be that.
Oboy! Operation fully in progress. I don carry knife and scissors, wan tear the patient bele already.

The next day, I wake up early, I see say my Pman don dress up.
Hin don already dey spray hin perfume. I check time, na 6:00. I ask am say na now now hin wan dey go? Hin talk say yes. Say hin gaz reach where hin dey go by 7:00 and if hin no leave house by this time, hold-up fit go dey.
Me sef, I sharperly enter baff-room. I brush my teeth, I on water down, make the man know say I don dey prepare. I dey hear my momsi voice from sitting room dey talk with my Pman. E be like say she wan collect money from am before the man carry hin load go.

”Bobby, Make sure you reach there early so that you can meet him oo”

I answer say I don hear. Shout say I don dey baff already. Baff for where? My plan be say make I reach there late, make the man don comot. I hear say hin wife sef dey work. She sef go don comot by 8:30. Everything dey set. The only problem wey I go get na her brothers. Well, that one na another time. My own for today na just to see Anita one on one, make I continue from where I stop.
I hear my Pman car dey start. Later, I hear gate dey open. Later, I hear door dey close, my momsi don enter house back be that. I dey baff-room dey feel like Michael Scofield.
My dick sef don hard for where I dey, as i dey think of that day mission. The thing hard pass Serena Williams yansh.
By 8:00, I dey my room dey dress up. My momsi dey shout say shey I never dress-up finish since? I no even answer. I just dey focus on the task ahead. I carry my phone, message Anita say I dey come their house. She reply with happy smiley. I just use the remaining 10 minutes dey think of how many boys this girl go don oppress. How many first class students go don drop to
”2nd-Pass- upper” because of this girl. I shake my head say I must get this one.
Na 8:25 i comot from my house with the documents.
I reach their house around 8:47. Michael Scofield no calculate time reach how I calculate am that day. As I come down from Okada, I look round wella, make I no go knack another fish woman. Ah knock their gate.
Before one minute, person don dey open the gate. This time, no be Mrs. Chizoba I dey expect. Lo and Behold, no be Mrs. Chizoba I see. Na Anita open the gate for me. She dey smile. I return the smile, ask am shey make I enter? She nod.
I tell her say na her Pman I com drop documents for. She look me with that kind eye wey all those people wey dey audience dey always take look Basket Mouth. She com laugh. She talk say why I no tell am before say na her papa I wan come see, say she for tell me say hin don go out since 7:00. I do face as if say I dey disappointed. I ask about her momsi. She tell me say the woman sef don go out. My mind pat me for shoulder, dey tell me ”Good job boy, Good job”.


I asked her if it wasnt a problem if I dropped the documents with her. She said there was no problem, that she’ld give it to her father when he came back from work. I gave them to her and asked if we could go inside. She looked at me with that ”what are you up to” look. I just told her that the last time I came, she did not offer me anything, and this time I was not going anywhere until she offered me something. She laughed and asked me to come in.
On our way inside, I asked about her brothers. She told me that only one was at home, and the other had gone with her momsi to pick up something. The happiness on my face was obvious.
As we entered the sitting room, I was behind her looking at her Bottom. She was wearing a casual gown. It was tight enough to bring her shape out. That sight was the shii.
I enter sitting room dey look yansh, I forget say na me be last to enter, say I suppose lock door. I still dey follow yansh move. Na hin she turn back say make I lock door nah. I feel the
embarassment reach my ankle. I just turn back, help am lock the door.
As i turn say make I even look the house wella, na hin I see one girl dey siddon for chair o. I look the girl, my mouth drop. This girl get boooooby!
The bosoms were awesome!!! I waved a little, and said ”good morning”. Anita no even bother introduce us sef, chai. I was just staring at her, I couldnt hide it. My Attention was probing. Wetin I go do ooo. I just respect myself, wait make Anita come back. I just bring my phone out dey do nonsene. She sef dey with her own phone. As I see am, e be like iphone 4.
Anita come back with juice and rice. The rice wear one chicken for head like cap. I look the food with joy, come thank Anita say she try.
She tell me say I must finish the rice oo, say because na me ask for am. I laugh, tell am say I never chop that morning sef. Na that time she com tell me say make I meet her friend, Mariam. I stand up go meet her sharp sharp before she even introduce me to Mariam. I stretch my hand say my name na Bobby. She smile.
As all these ones dey happen, na hin I see Chinedu dey come out from curtain. Immediately I see am, I hail am. I quickly notice say the guy dey dressed up like person wey dey go out. My heart beat reach ground.
So Chinedu wan leave me and these two girls for house?
I just go dey eat my food small small, as I dey watch Chinedu dey talk with hin sister. Soon, hin sister begin excort am go outside. E com remain me and Mariam for sitting room.


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