-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 2

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She suddenly turned back and asked me to wait in front of the corridor. I did not hear her at first. My eyes were still fixed. I got so close to her that i almost hit her. My lips were very close to her face now, very very close. I stepped back a little.
She looked at me. I looked at the floor. Then i thought ”Wetin happen sef ” and just looked up at her. I wanted to sound confident, as if what just happened was something that happened everyday. I spoke, ”Is mom inside too?”. She
answered ”yes”, and turned again to open the door.
I was sweating. No, I was not sweating. I touched my face, but there was no much moisture like that. It means I was sweating internally. Chai. Thank God I was able to keep that part under check.
She came outside again and told me that I should come inside.
When i got into the sitting room, she told me that her dad would be out any moment. She made to leave, but I drew her back with a question. I asked her about her brothers, so that she could face me again. I watched her lips move. She said they were inside, that they were still sleeping. I laughed, and told her that I was sorry for disturbing her own sleep. She smiled. Cheeeesuuuus!
Jesus! I just made her smile. The smile was glorious. Early morning beauty is the best infact.
I just co-ordinated myself and took my seat as I watched her lift up the curtain and go in through the passage. My dick was still hard.
I heard one cough coming from the passage and I immediately knew that it was Mr. Chizoba. I waited for him to be visible.
Immediately his eyes caught mine, I stood up to greet him. He sat down and I knew that we would talk for a while. All these men sef. He started asking me how i was coping with the break.
Was i planning on doing a temporary job, was i this, was i that.
Just kept my honest smile and answered him truthfully.
Atlast, I handed the documents over to him, and he opened them and glanced through them for some seconds before putting them back in the envelope. I felt relieved that my mission was already finalised here.
As I was preparing to go, Mr. Chizoba called his daughter. He shouted her name, and I heard her voice answer from inside. My heart was already pounding, I was going to see her again. My heart was not pounding because I was scared or stuff, it was pounding because of my eagerness to see her nice frame again.
She came out through the curtain and looked at her father. A small ‘sir?’ came from those beautiful lips.

”Go and bring that trouser that I wore yesterday,” mr Chizoba said. ”I hanged it on the first hanger in my room”. She turned
and went.

I knew he wanted to give me some money to ‘hold’, like he always called it. I havn’t come here before without him giving me something. The first time I came, I remember I was forming shy about collecting the money. The second time, i was doing as if I did not know that he was about to give me money. You know
nah, looking else where at random things, and forming ‘surprised’ when he gave me the money. But now, I collect the money so willingly, you’ld think it was my birth right.
It was just then that I remembered that Mr. Chizoba had even called her name before. She was Anita. I had heard of the name before, bit it did not really register in my head because i had not seen her before that day.
Mr. Chizoba asked Anita to wait oo. He brought out some money (I aint saying how much, lol) and gave it to me. I collected it with the kind of grin that our politicians use to collect parts of the national cake. I thanked him. I then wondered why he asked
Anita to wait.
He stood from his chair and asked me to say hi to my father for him. He then asked Anita to follow me to the gate so that she could lock it back when I left.
Thats how her Pman left us and went inside. Her face still showed evidence of sleep. I walked towards the door and she followed behind me.
I knew how this would go if I did not act fast. lol. I go just dey go for front, she go dey follow me for back. So I waited for her outside and watched her close the door. She was still in the
same dressing and that silly light passed through her dress again and made me start staring at her bosoms. I did not want to be caught again this time, so I quickly took my eyes off it and focused on other things around. She came up to meet me and had this puzzled ”why are you waiting for me” look. Me sef, i no smile, I just dey look am.
As she got to me, I let out a small smile and extended my hand. I told her that my name is Bobby (I change my name, make the thing sweet small, lol). She let out a small smile too and took my open palm.
I felt that softness. Her hand was small, but very soft.
It took me a while to let go of her hand, as I was captivated by it.
She just let it roll, and did not remove her hand. I think she understood what was going on in my body sef. She was so indifferent! Person wey see her no go even know say something dey happen that time.
I decided to strike a conversation. Atleast, that would release a little of the tension in my body. I told her that I’ve been coming to her house for a while, and I’ve never for once met her at home.
She said that she was mostly in school and I could guess the reason she was at home. I laughed and said yes, i could.
I asked her which school she was in, and she told me Uniben. I then told her that anytime I came, it would be nice if she was the one that opened the gate for me. She laughed a little bit loud. I told her that there was nothing like seeing a door open, and a cute girl on the other side of it. I was really making her laugh now.
She then asked me that how’ll she know if its me that was knocking. She was still laughing a bit. I told her that I’ll alert her whenever i’m about coming to her house. Moment of truth! She asked me how I intended to alert her. At that moment ehn, i felt like Chelsea when they entered the champions league final. I’d not won the trophy but i was very close.
I picked out my best smile, and told her that right from when she opened the gate, i intended collecting her number. I asked her if she used blackberry, and she said no. Cheeeesus Christ. A girl! Without a blackberry! In Nigeria! I was happy though, that she was different. I then asked her if she was on Whatsapp. She said ‘yes’.
I brought out my phone and asked her to give me her number.
She gave it to me.
At this stage, the doctor just wore his gloves. Operation begins!
Aftter a few minutes of standing outside, i felt it was time to go.
It isn’t really cool prolonging these things. I told her to greet her brothers for me, that both of them know me. She said okay. I looked at her face as she locked the gate. You remember that girl, that MBGN wey dey Psquare Ifunanya video? This girl resemble her diee. The only thing be say, as that one na model, her bosoms and Bottom no too come out like that. But Anita own…chai! As I dey think the girl, i no know when I knack one woman wey dey hawk fish. Omo!! See Jet li. I quickly snatch the tray comot from the woman head. If the woman wan fall, make she fall, but this fish no dey fall o. Cuz i no get money to pay. I tell the woman sorry. She just dey speak one language like that.
Whether na Benin Republic language, I no know. She fit don curse my papa life, but i no care. I just smiled as memories of Anita filled my head again.


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