-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 16

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…when i got back inside, she was sitting on the bed already. My hard-on was just too hard to be left in my shorts…that shii could break if care is not taken. I pulled my shorts immediately and felt more comfortable in boxer shorts. I had brought her hand bag along with her shoes and mine into the room.
I looked round for a while, like I was checking for hidden cameras *in my own room. lol*

The time was right, the stage was set…let the events begin. I moved closer to her, but she stood up and stopped me. She ran her fingers s*xily along my T-shirt, then down towards my bum, and gripped it.
I got the message that she wanted to be in control.
No Problemo!! My captain down there was shouting.
She brought her hands higher and rested it on my back, pushing me towards her, making me bend instinctively till our lips locked. We started our kissing game again, but this time it was a lot more sensual.
I squeezed her a** as usual, very gently with one hand, while I rubbed the second hand around her back. I broke the kiss and somehow, my fingers were already on her blouse, working on the buttons. I removed the first and second before she stopped me and removed the last two by herself.

She suddenly gripped my d*ck with her right hand and squeezed it a little. She used my d*ck to direct my movement towards the bed. I just followed obediently till the back of my leg hit the bed, and I had to use the last of my balance to make sure i did not fall back. All my efforts were soon nulled, as she pushed my chest,
and I fell like a felled tree. I was staring at her with burning eyes.
What was this girl planning on doing?
She put her hands on the sides of her waist and playfully moved them upwards to start removing her blouse slowly.
I just watched as the blouse slowly moved inch by inch till she widened her arms and took it off completely.
Now she was standing facing me, with her very small bra that barely held her b*obs.
My eyes trailled downwards and I discovered that her jean button was already unfastened. The sight was er*tic.. Very er*tic. I couldnt control my hand as it went and quickly gripped my d*ck.
The teasing was unbearable.
She took her hands behind her in an attempt to remove her bra, and kept her hands in that position for about two seconds. I was waiting for her to set those two boys loose in the next second, but she brought her hands back down and started pulling her zip down.

She tugged at her jeans and started pulling it down slowly. I caught a glimpse of her black panties that matched her equally black bra. All girls have black panties, dont they?
She pulled the jeans down completely and lifted her legs up one after the other to get free from the jeans tugging at her ankles.
I kept watching and stroking my swollen d*ck very slowly.
She made a very ridiculous but sexy pose, and I just couldnt help but let out a small groan.
From what I could see already, it seemed she was completely shaven down there, and it looked great.
I gave her a ”turn around” signal, and she did slowly. She turned very slowly, giving me a robust view of that very nice, round, consumable a**. It was just the perfect size to squeeze and hold, and it looked very soft. Her colour was magnificent. I just kept stroking my d*ck, not missing any stroke at equal intervals as if my survival depended on it.
She walked towards the bed and came ontop me. She bent into me and gave me a full mouth kiss that sent my brain far above the horizon. This kiss was different from all the ones I had received earlier. It tasted like s*x.

I kept up with the kiss while my hands playfully found their way to her a*ss. I played with her a*ss cheeks, squeezing them one
by one, using them like a lever.
She let out a moan in my mouth just before she broke the kiss.
She moved up a little and put her hands behind her back, losing her bra. She let it fall on my, as her wonderful b*obs popped out.
My hands quickly ran away from the far-away land they were in and came to visit the twin towers of mexico. I fondled and skillfully played with her Tips. My left thumb and finger were pinching and rolling one n*pple, while my right hand was squeezing her other b*ob. She started grinding her a** on me, feeling my hard on with her a** and back atimes.
I rolled her over and started sucking her b*obs, the two at a time.
Then I started alternating. I swear, God knew what he was doing when he made b*obs. I put my face between them and she used them to rub my cheeks with the aid of her hands. My face was in heaven. Her b*obs were nicely toned with slightly pointy Tips that were hard like they were on another form of viagra.
I resumed sucking like I was expecting milk from them, and she m*aned to urge me on.

…When I felt like I was done with that section of the multi sector economy I was handling, i started my routine of kissing, tracing down to the promise land. Each kiss brought a different effect on her, as she was wriggling and twitching her body to each soft kiss that landed on her delicate skin.
When I got to her panties, I first brought my nose down to smell dinner. It smelt like strawberry mixed with female fluid. I used my mouth to drag her panties, but couldnt use it to peel it off her, so I used my hands. She turned around, letting her a** face me as I dragged down her panties. I looked at those bums with lust.
I got her panties out of her legs and slid one finger through, into her sumptuous bum valley. I felt the wetness of the world within and turned her around so that her pubic could face me.
I removed my own shirt and threw it behind me as I looked lustfully at her well trimmed pubic hair. I had not seen it earlier, but now i noticed, it was trimmed to form a triangular shape just above her p*ssy. It looked very inviting, and invited I was.
I got off the bed and took my boxers off, finally freeing my main-man down there. It sprang up ever so happily, and i could see the engorged head of my own manhood.
I got back on the bed, covering her with the entire of my body while my tongue found her mouth.
I kissed her as my d*ck found its own way into her soaked p*ssy. *It has a mind of its own*
I started stroaking rhythmically as I looked her in the eyes. She was no more the shy Anita I knew. She was now the s*x greedy Anita who desired what only the art of love could paint.
I continued banging, still watching as her eyes stared at the ceiling, with her mouth partially opened, and she let out sounds that only she understood. I took my own gaze to the wall in front of me, as I continued to bang ferociously. She was nearing her climax, and I could feel it.
I bent down and kissed her mouth, as I tried to maintain my pace with each stroke.
I took myself back up and continued the government job I was doing, gradually sensing her heavenly feeling approach. I felt her hot c*m on my d*ck, the lubrication made each stroke have that squashy sound.
I layed down on her left hand side and positioned my d*ck again into her hot hole. I started slowly, and gradually picked up pace.
She used her legs to wrap my legs slightly and made me penetrate deeper. I searched every section of her p*ssy as if I was looking for something, enjoying the sounds of her m*ans.
She tried kissing me but found my nose. I slowly brought my mouth to hers and we formed a good union as usual. Her p*ssy was just perfect, gripping my d*ck as if they were made for each other.
I stopped and asked her to turn so that I could spoon her. We resumed our f*cking in this position, and it was not long before I felt her hot juice coat my d*ck.
I kept pounding away while i gripped her br*asts. I squeezed them and occasionally kissed her neck. Her sounds were unexplainable. I felt my own climax coming but I held it back. I had to give her one more heavenly feeling before I blew this one.
I kept on f*cking her and started urging her on to cum when I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it for too long anymore.
She could not talk very well, as I was interchanging between fast pounding and slow movements. Soon i heard the glorious words
”..i’m c*mm…cu*mming..”
I increased my pace and released my juice immediately i felt hers on my shaft.
Then it registered in my head… I was not using condom.
Chai… Why did I make this mistake naah..? I think she felt my disturbance. She looked at me and said, ”..i’m on the pill”
Those words made my life a better place to live in for that moment, but it still did not change the fact that I did not use condom.
Wait.. Shes on the pill? I thought. So she actually came here equipped for f*cking? Who’d have known? Chai…girls!
As my dick slid out of her, we heard my sister’s door open. We heard her footsteps as they marched towards the sitting room.
She opened the front door and close it back. Unlike I expected, she did not come to knock my door. Whats happening?
Shii… I remembered. I did not carry our phones that were charging in the sitting room.
She must have suspected something and decided not to come and disturb us inside here. OMG!! So all my Michael Scofield was for nothing.
I looked at Anita, and she looked at me.
She looked downwards, got up and crawled down a bit.
We both looked at the door..
She surprised me when she took my d*ck in her mouth..and started sucking.


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