-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 12

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…I answered, ”yea??”

”Bob, you okay??”


”You know what time it is??”

It was Kenno’s brother. I searched for my phone. When i could not
find it, I looked up at that damned clock.
Nine thirty!!!!
Nine bleeping thirty.

”Yeaa!! I just checked..”

”okay, man… When u ready, I wan discuss som’n with u oo”

”aaight man.. I’ll be right out.”

Tricia’s eyes were on me.. I looked at her and smiled.
Damn… My mouth was stinking, and my teeth could smell it.
I got up from the bed, still Unclad, with my early morning Attention thingy.
She looked at me…
I told her, ”no, no, its not what you think..this is the natural one”.
She laughed.
I found my boxer shorts on the floor, picked it up and sliped in it.
My Attention was already surpressing, but i had to ease myself, so I left her in the room and went to the bathroom through the
When I was coming back, I met Kenno on the way, and we chatted.
He was whyning as usual, and I was giving him fire for fire.
I told him that his party was cool, but he’d better clear up completely before his parents got back. He replied, saying that there was no way his parents wont get to know about it later on, because of their neighbours. They must talk. He shook his head. I left him with his problem, but asked him where his brother was. He told me. I went to meet his bro, and we talked a little.

When I was going back to the room, I saw Tricia just closing the door, coming out. She asked where the bathroom was, and I pointed it to her.
After like 30 minutes, we had gotten dressed up already, and ready to go.
When she was dressing earlier, she had asked me to leave the room for her, which I did. All these girls sef. Upon say I don see everything before. God go save una.
As we were planning to leave, I squeezed her a** one more time,
kissed her neck and used my fingers to trace her p*ssy through her short skirt.
She looked up at me and used her thumb to trace my lips. I gave her a full kiss on her lips and we went out.
I saw Kenno and his brother first, and a couple of other friends that
were around.
I made sure I collected Tricia’s contact before we separated.

I got home by 11:20 am.
When I brought out my phone after settling on my bed, there was a message from Anita waiting for me already.
I replied her, and we began to chat. Its a good thing when you receive a text from a girl first. It shows she has you in her mind, atleast. Or she might just be bored.
Any which whichever way shhaa..
Thats how that week went like that. I was my normal self again. I frequently exchanged messages with Anita and Tricia. I still did not have Mariam’s contact.

There was one day I asked Anita about Mariam, and she told me that she was fine. She said Mariam had told her that she met me at a party, and she was surprised that i even went to parties. I gave her a long ‘loooool’, and told her that it was my friend’s birthday party.
I started wondering what Mariam must have told Anita. Could she have told Anita about her having s*x with me?
I suspected those girls, big time.
One, because Mariam is Anita’s brother’s girlfriend and she was watching Mariam attempt what she did to me in her house that other time.
She did not complain or feel bad about it, why?
Second, the kind of tension that I sense between Anita and Mariam, there must be something going on between them. I was not sure yet, and was not sure of how I would find out.
That was not important, though. I had PES to play.


Anita and I still chatted regularly, like best friends or something, but I always tried to make sure that the ‘friend’ thingy wasn’t too
serious. I’ve heard alot about friend zone. Whether its an MTN zone or whatever, I did not want to know, my own was that I was not willing to Port. I liked my network like the way it was. lol.

We were chatting one day, and I took a dive in an ocean with no life guards. I took a very big risk, in simple terms.
I asked her if she was a lesbian.
She did not reply as fast as she’d been replying.
Then her reply came in, it was ‘lol’.
Ah no gree oo.
I asked her if ‘lol’ meant yes.
She said she was not a lesbian.
I asked her if she was bi-intimate then.
She replied with, ”haha, whats making you think that?”
I told her that I suspected that she was a lesbian…and her lesbian mate was Mariam.
I did not get a reply. Remember, its whatsapp, and the msg I sent had a double tick. Meaning ‘dilivered’, abi?
I waited for one hour, then sent another message to her. This time, it was only one tick.
Then I got the picture. Only three things could have happened.

One, her battery got empty.

Two, she removed her battery or simcard or her phone was stolen.

Three, her subscription or data was exhausted.

I waited patiently, though.
In the night, I got a message.
I happily checked my phone. It was from a number, it said ‘hi’.
Bleep whoever it was. I did not reply, lol.


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