-How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)

Must Read: How I Spent My Asuu Strike (SEX CONFESSION)… Part 10

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she looked at me with a steady stare. Her lips were a little open as her eyes held her gaze. She was under the blanket, so I could not see what she was wearing underneath. I did not know if she wore her short skirt again, or she could still just be in her panties and top.

”you know, you could have switched off the lights if you did not want me to look”

”you were supposed to be sleeping..duuuh”

”have you ever seen Jet li sleep when they’re fighting outside?”

”hmm”.. She smiled a little.

”hope you werent looking when I bent down”

”I woke up to it”..

”so you’ve seen everything”

”no, not everything..”

”whats remaining?”

”Well, I only saw your back and side, a little”..

She was not sounding angry at all. I had thought that she’d be slightly angry. Angry for what sef? I scolded my mind.

” so you want to see my front?”

”well, thats if you dont mind” .. i swear it wasnt me talking. It was my dick.

”you’re a pervert..”

”if pervert is a synonym for sexually excited, then i’m one”
As she was talking, I noticed that her legs were moving under the blanket. Maybe thats just her, or maybe she was just as excited as I was, or maybe..f**k maybe.

I just wanted to jump of her and take the blanket off, and start devouring her b**bs.
That would be molest if she shouted at all, so I coded and continued smiling and talking.
She used her finger to poke my nose, calling me a pervert. As she extended her arm to poke my nose, the blanket lifted a bit, and my thoughts wandered.
I caught her finger. She became stiff. That showed a kind of connection, or electricity, or shock..or whatever.
She touched my nose, she was flirting as far as I was concerned and she deserved whatever she got.
I took her finger to my lips and kissed it. Then i kissed the top of her hand. I brought the blanket down to my waist level, partially altering her own part of the blanket. Focusing on her hand, I kissed along the mildly visible vein running down her hand.
I kissed till i reached the valley atop the other side of her elbow.
She was just looking at her own hand, not even moving her head to look at me directly once. I stared at her and forced her eye balls to catch mine. Then my lips went back to their domestic work and started running down from her elbow. I slowly lifted the blanket, and saw that she was still wearing her top but did not wear her skirt. The sight was very Intimate. Her fresh fair laps and dark knee. I brought my mouth to hers and she did not move. She did not move her lips either, neither receiving me nor pushing me away. I bit her lip, then used my tongue to part her lips and let it explore the foreign land. She accepted me and returned my kiss. We started kissing passionately, while i squeezed her bosoms through her top. Soon, my fingers found the end of her top and went under it, following the smoothe part of her stomach. As my palm cupped her bare bosom, she moaned.

…I untangled our tongues and brought my face up, staring at her closed eyes. She opened them when I pinched her Tip a little, and turned in sensually. She let out a soft moan she look at my chest, and started running her hands through it. My blood pressure either drastically increased or decreased as I felt her touch. It was magical.
I continued squeezing her bosoms, then bent down again to kiss her fore-head. I completely removed the blanket from my body and moved down a bit to her lower body. I looked at her and smiled before I started running my hand through the insides of her laps. My hand movement was slow, but steady, sending massive sensations down her body. I got close to the promise land and stopped. ..

Then I used my hand to lift up her top to make her red panties very visible. There was a wet spot on her panties, and I knew i had done something right.
I pulled down her panties. She helped out by moving her body up and wriggling.
She had very beautifully trimmed pubic hair and I saw the top of that dripping p*ssy. I ran my hands through her laps again, and she started slowly separating her legs for me to have easier access. As I moved up with my hand, I could feel the heat. I put one finger into her soaking p**sy and started slow movements in and out. She was moaning and playing with her br**sts. I slid two fingers in and found it a little difficult moving in and out at first, because she was very tight, but her wetness helped out and I started moving my fingers in her like a piston.

She was moaning at equal intervals, and that shii sounded like the original song of love that Adam and Eve composed.
Her Kitty-Cat was looking very sweet, so I had to break my rule.
I spread her legs apart and put my head in. I was there for just a few seconds before she came. It was lovely. I looked up at her and smiled. Her body was still shaking from the heavenly feeling she’d just erupted.
I moved up and started sucking on her b**bs one by one.
It was as if when I was on one, the other one was calling me to suck it too, so i’ll leave the first one and move to the other, and like that.
She help me face and pushed it up. She lifted herself up a little and started pushing me down to my side of the bed. My d**k was pointing at the ceiling, as if it was trying to show me where the bulb was.
She brought herself up completely and moved her mouth to my John Isaac. She used her tongue to taste to tip of my c*ck before bringing her lips down and started swallowing slowly. She stopped, and brought her lips back up. She was using her tongue magically on the tip of my rooster, and I heard that part has the
most nerves. The effect she was giving me was awesome and I had to hold myself back from Approaching immediately into her
I continued enjoying the thrilling sensation she was giving me with one of the best blow jobs i’ve had so far. She continued for two minutes, and stopped then she sucked my balls one after the other. The sensation was killing.
She looked at me, and it was her turn to smile. She knew the effect she had on me from the groans I had been letting out over the last three minutes.
She looked down at her pu*sy and looked back at me. Then she bend down to kiss me, at the same time lifting her legs to place her cu*t on my d**k.
I felt her lips on mine, and in some seconds later I felt her hot slit on my dick. She submersed slowly…


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