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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 8

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Desmond, is just 19 years, how come he has that kind of a Joystick. Although, he looks older. He held my hand and put it on his Joystick..

Desmond: Do you like it? (Kissing me)

Me: No (Moaning)

He giggled..

Desmond: Liar…

He lifted my two legs on his hand and inserted his Joystick straight into my Kittycat, as he began to pound me standing behind the wall, it was intense, he kept on going on and on and on, kissing me, i was just moaning so loud and crazy…

Me: Desmond stop, you’re my cousin… (moaning)

Jerking me really hard, sweating, jerking me, pounding me, i was enjoying it honestly, fantastic, the suddenly, i told him to stop….

Me: Desmond, stop, stop, stop. Tapping him

He didn’t want to stop, he continued pounding…

Desmond: Why? I will soon Pour (moaning, sucking his lips)

Me: No, No, stop….

I screamed… He quickly stopped, dropped my legs, but his Joystick didn’t slip out of my Kittycat cos its too big.

Desmond: What is it?

Me: I’m not comfortable here, my back… Its not condusive.

We went straight to his room and we continued the s*x romp, pounding me on his bed, pounding me really slow this time as he finally Pour. Breathing heavily and sweating profusely…

Me: Oh my God, what did we just do?

I noticed i didn’t show any remorse for doing such, wow!

Desmond: Omg, i didn’t use condom, i poured inside you.

He was nervous…

Desmond: Hope you will use drug

Me: Drug?

How i wish he knew…

Me: Please, let this be the first and last time we would try this.

Desmond: I swear, i promise….

I quickly got up…

Me: where is my gown?

Desmond: Sitting room.

I heading for the door, leaving his room, reached for the door handle…

Desmond: Omolola….

Me: What (sulking)

Desmond: I’m sorry

I hissed i walked out of his room.

How i wish that was the last time, it wasn’t… We continued doing it anytime we have little privacy, we do quickie most times cos we wouldn’t want little Sharon or anyone to catch us. I remember the one we had at the backyard in the evening, that was so fast and sharp. Desmond is not all tha good on bed, he doesn’t really last long like Daniel. Desmond is a pervert, he was disturbing me for s*x and me sef a dog, i give it to him anytime he ask for it. We were playing a dangerous play, i didn’t show any sign remorse. Sometimes i do ask for the s*x, Desmond lost concentration in school.

The most enjoyable part was when Sharon went back to hostel. Gosh, that house turned to a sincity


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