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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 7

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On this day, i was home alone, uncle and his wife has gone their place of work as usual, Desmond has gone to school cos they’ve resumed, while Sharon visited grandma cos she was eager to see her and grandma wanted to give her somethings. I was alone in that big house, all alone in the sitting room, watching DSTV, then i heard a knock, who could that be? It was early, it was around 11 am sef, and Sharon was suppose to come back the next day or so. I reached for the door, i opened the door, guess who i saw?

Me: Desmond? What are you doing home this early?

I moved away from him as we both enter and locked the door, i noticed he locked the door, as in really locked the door.

Desmond: I couldn’t concentrate in school, so i decided to come home.

Me: What were you thinking about that you couldn’t concentrate?

Desmond: You!!!

Me: Huh! (laughing) What do you mean?

Desmond: Don’t you just get it

Moving closer to me, i moved away, avoiding him.

Me: Please don’t come close or else, i’ll scream.

Desmond: Scream if you want, i don’t care… Omolola, i love you and want you.

Desmond was sweating profusely, i was nervous, it was so obvious he was really horny, konji na bastard.

Me: Desmond, don’t come closer to me, i’ll scream. Do you want to rape me? I’m your cousin for crying out loud… This is devil, it is wrong.

Desmond: Okay, lets do it just once…. Please, i beg you.

Desmond knelt down…

Me: Are you mad?

He stood up…. Honestly, i wanted the s*x also but he’s my cousin, how i wish we are not related. Desmond is just too hot to say ‘No’ too.

Desmond: Please Omolola, it will be a secret..

Moving closer to me, i dunno what came over me, it seems i’m cursed or something. I couldn’t believe i fell for that bullsh*t, he was comming close and i couldn’t run to my room and shut the door or even scream out loud for help. Damn, his eyes were so convincing, he reminds of Daniel, he’s just the carbon copy of Daniel, but the better version…

Me: Desmond, don’t come closer

That was what i was saying till he got so close to me, trying to kiss me.

Me: Don’t make me scream, don’t come close.

Desmond: If you don’t want, i won’t force you….

Me: I don’t, this is wrong, it is….

Desmond: I know you want it, we both want it, just once.

That was it, this boy kissed me and my whole body began to boil, boil as in sexual urge was uncontrollable. I missed s*x and its not my fault, maybe i can have s*x with Desmond since we are not really close cousin from childhood, i just knew him as my cousin not too long. I didn’t really see anything wrong tho, cos if we had found out we were cousins since we were young, i guess there would be bond and such wouldn’t happen, maybe, that’s my own theory trying to justify myself.

He pushed me to the wall, We continued kissing, the rush was just too much, the kissing was breathtaking, we were doing it without any decency, we were rushing ourselves, it was so obvious we were s*x starved. He began to unbotton his shirt with speed, kissing me, squeezing my Bosom, he pulled of my gown, grabbed my Bosom and was sucking my volumptious Bosom. I was putting on no underwear except gown, he knelt down, lifted my left leg on his shoulder and began to eat my Kittycat, it was so damn sweet, he sure knows how to do it.

I put my hand on his head…

Me: Desmond stop this (moaning)

He got up pull of his belt and trouser, and brought his already wet Joystick out? his Joystick was meaty and bigger than Daniel’s own.


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