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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 5

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Desmond was always coming back home early, sometimes he won’t go to school, his friends would come over, we got closer a little bit, i wasn’t that bored anymore. I even followed him to school sometimes, i met his ex girlfriend, he’s currently not dating. I asked him why he broke with his ex girlfriend cos she’s so pretty, he told me she refused to have s*x with me. And he got tired, cos he needed s*x, he even told me him and his friends do visit cheap prostitutes to catch fun. I think Desmond has this low self esteem, kinda cos why would a handsome guy like him visit prostitutes. Although he said he has side chicks sha, but i’ve never seen a girl visit him, it was always his male friends. We talked alot, he told me so many crazy things, how he was disvirgined by their former housemaid who was older than him, he said they were having s*x for close to three years before they were caught and she was sent away. We laughed about it…. The closeness was getting too much, to the extent that we would be chatting while he’s semi Unclad, putting briefs. Damn, Desmond reminds me of Daniel, but Desmond is the upgraded version of Daniel. Desmond is super s*xy** and hot, sometimes i just mistakenly stare at his dangling Joystick concealed his boxers or briefs, believe me, Desmond is highly loaded, he’s bigger than Daniel sef, he’s really huge under. Make me to wonder if he is truly 19 years old, why would a 19 years old have that kind of a Joystick? Just too big for his age abeg and it is enticing, i must confess, its just that we are cousins so its a no, no, no.

Did i say, No, No, No? I should i have said Yes, Yes, Yes instead, unexpectedly you know.

Sigh! Na so the wahala start ooooo. I just didn’t know what came over me, i didn’t want to do it at all but Desmond is a devil. Honestly, Desmond is even worse than Daniel. Na so i see am ooo, Desmond began to mis behave, as in really misbehave. He’s a pervert, a douche bag. Desmond made passes at me, can you imagine… I actually thought it was mistake but it wasn’t ooo, this was how it all started.

In the sitting, Desmond playing video game, while i was reading a novel in my room. Nobody was at home, his mum and dad has gone to office. Desmond was on break, school break i meant. On a normal day Desmond hardly stay at home, he’s always visiting his friends, or his friends coming over. Like i said earlier, we became close tho, we became really close as cousins, that’s all. So on this faithful day, it was in the afternoon, Desmond didn’t go out, he started playing video game very early in the morning, he was just on boxers, i even served him his break, as in i practically took the food to him while he was playing, although he begged me to do so. I didn’t mention, he’s lazy? Well, he’s so lazy, i do all house chores, cleaning, sweeping, washing, cooking, its not like they turned me into housemaid, but as a lady its a training for me. So that day, in the afternoon precisely, while he was playing game in the sitting and me in my room reading novel, PHCN seized the electricity, all of a sudden he screamed….

Desmond: NEPA!!!

He can be childish honestly, very immature, very irritating…

Me: This boy is an idiot

I hissed and continued reading my novel…. All of a sudden, he started screaming my name from the sitting room.

Desmond: Omolola, Omolola….

He continued screaming….

Desmond: Omolola come oooo, come oooo.

I didn’t want to pay him attention cos he totally snubbed me that day all because of videogame, i tried to start a conversation with him while he was playing, he didn’t respond, he didn’t even pay attention to me. That was the reason why i decided to force myself to read novel in my room, which i hardly read since he was totally concentrated on his game and i was bored.

Desmond: Omolola please come ooo.

He continued screaming… So i finally went to the sitting room, holding my novel.

Me: Why are you shouting me name like that? When will you grow up?

Desmond: (laying on the couch) I’m bored now, Nepa has taken the light.

Me: So? What do you want me to do? Shebi there is game on your phone or better still chat with your friends on your phone now.

Desmond: No joor… Lets talk jare

Me: You and who? So you it is now you have time, because Nepa took the light now, you have time for me. You snubbed me, it is my turn.

Desmond: I’m sorry (acting childish)

Me: See, i don’t have time…

As i turned around to go back, he quickly got up and grabbed the novel from my hand.


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