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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 30

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The gateman, Alero was also questioned and probably tortured, i don’t know about Daniel, but it seems i’m deep trouble cos it all falls to me, just me, does it mean i will be charged with murder, does it mean i will be jailed? Even though there is no evidence, i’m still the first suspect, the number one suspect. Who will i call to defend me in this? Nobody to call for help, i’ve made a terrible mistake, i should have gone back to Akure, i should have gone back to face the shame, instead of this mess. This is beyond me, this is the worst ever, so i will eventually be jailed for a crime i know nothing about.

2 days later, i was being interrogated again in the dark room, the truth was revealed, so i won’t be going to jail after all. Do you know who killed Demola? The police told me, i was told Alero confessed, yes she confessed, she did, she knows who killed Demola, she saw the killer, she did, i was told how it all happened, Daniel killed his father, Daniel is the killer. Alero told the police that she saw Daniel coming out from the kitchen in the midnight but she didn’t see how he stabbed him that he only saw him coming out of the kitchen. How come? Is this true, can this be true, she saw him coming out of the kitchen? What was she doing in the midnight that she saw him, still don’t understand. Daniel killed his father? The police man asked…

Policeman: Did Daniel had any quarrel or misunderstanding with his father?

I remembered, that is true, yes….

Me: Yes, officer, yes, they had misunderstanding, yes, yes.

Policeman: Are you sure?

Me: Yes!!! It was that night he tried to rape me, him and father had a conflict, he was also sent away by his father. I remembered he threatened, he said i we were gonna regret it.

Policeman: Are you sure of what you’re saying?

Me: Yes, yes, yes, me and Daniel are not in good terms, we are sworn enemies, he doesn’t want me to marry his father, he threatened me so many times….. Or, was is it me Daniel wanted to kill? That he mistakenly killed his father?

I am confused as you are, i’m sure you’re also confused. What really happened? What happened?

Few days later, after autopsy was done, the knife used to stab Demola had Daniel’s fingerprint and they also found Daniel’s cloth covered with blood in his room. This is unbelievable, why would Daniel kill his father? What got into him? But Daniel was insisting he knows nothing about it, he claimed he knows about it, it all falls back to Daniel now. Daniel still denying he didn’t do it, that it was a lie, its too late cos the evidence has shown he is the murderer. My step brother is a murderer?


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