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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 29

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Demola is dead, am i dreaming?

This is not a dream, Demola, my stepfather is really dead. My life totally ruined, when i saw him stabbed to death on the floor, didn’t know what to do than to just to scream.

Very early in the morning, the Police filled our compound, ambulance van was also in the compound, the house was filled with lot of people, sympathizers, neighbours, i was still in shock.

Who could have done this? Who killed him, i just pray this doesn’t implicate me. The police did their work trying to interrogate me.

Policeman 1: How did you say it happened?

Me: (Crying) I met him on the floor…. Oh my God, is this happening for real? Today is our wedding Burst into tears…

Policeman 2: Calm down madam

Me: He woke up in the middle of and said he was thirsty, after so many minutes, he didn’t return back to the room, so i decided to go check on what was keeping him, i got to the kitchen and i found him like that.

Policeman 1: Did you say today is your wedding?

Me: Yes, our court wedding is today…. It is today ooo

The policemen looked surprised, looked at each other, probably they thought i should be his daughter. They continued their interrogation, they asked Alero and gateman questions also, they asked how many of us was in the house. I told them 5 of us, including Daniel.

Daniel? where is Daniel?

Policeman 2: Who is Daniel?

Daniel: What is going on here?

Talk of the devil, Daniel came downstairs looking so weak, he was surprised the whole house was filled with lot of people, expecially the policemen.

Me: That is Daniel I pointed to him….

Daniel: What is happening, what are the policemen doing here? Alero burst into tears…

Alero: Oga don die

Daniel: Which oga?

Gateman: Your father

Daniel: My father? Is this a joke?

Daniel was already panicking, he didn’t believe it, not until Demola’s dead body, covered with cloth was being rolled out from the kitchen.

He quickly rushed to them…

Daniel: Wait, Wait, Wait He uncovered the face and saw his father, truly dead.

He was so frightened, he began to shiver, he was pulled back.

Daniel: Who, who, who, who, whoooo kiiilled my father my father?

Policeman 2: You must be Daniel?

Daniel: What happened to my father?

Alero: He was stabbed to death

Tears rolling from Daniel’s eyes….

Daniel: Who did this? He looked at me, he pointed his fingers at me… I was nervous..

Daniel: It is you, Omolola you have killed my father.

Me: Me? No, i saw him dead on the floor He was moving closer, as he was about to descend on me, the policemen came to my rescue.

Daniel went crazy, crying profusely, shouting. Claiming i killed his father, that’s a lie, i didn’t. Honestly, i was nervous, i was the one that saw him, Alero and the gateman found me with his dead body.

I’m dead, i’m the first suspect, i hope i survive this, this is worst situtation in my life, i will go to jail?

Demola’s body was taken away, the whole house was on fire. Daniel continued making allegations, insisting i should be arrested and charged for murder.

I wasn’t suprised he would lay such allegation, it is expected and i hope i survive this. The police continued their investigation, i was really nervous, this is a big trouble for me, who will help me out on this? No family to call, my family in Ondo, even if i call them, what do i tell them? How do i tell them? I don’t have my mother’s number anymore, even if i have it, what will tell her? But the question now is, who killed Demola?

Few days, we were all invited for more interrogation at the police station. We were all questioned, the whole thing was becoming unbearable for me cos Demola’s family got involved, Daniel poisoned their mind as they all accused me of killing Demola.

It was just too much for me to bear, they were all attacking me, i cried profusely, they were bent on charging me for murder of Demola.

Daniel was the ring leader, he was so against me, he was ready to see me ruined.

I pleaded, they never listened, i was held in the police station for days, Alero, the gateman and Daniel also were held in the police station.

I was thoroughly interrogated, i was beaten by these wicked policemen to confess on something i know nothing about, i was severely tortured.

‘Confess, confess, did you kill him? Why did you kill him?’ these were the policemen words, but what do they want me to say? I don’t have anything than to confess, my confession is, i didn’t kill him, i didn’t kill Demola.

Nigerian police have got no chill pills at all, is that how they treat criminals? I was tortured honestly.


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