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I just can’t take ignore or abandon him, i just have to help him, not me tho, i instructed Alero to help him to his room and clean the mess, he can sleep for the night. So disgusting, he kept saying rubbish as he was being held upstairs to his room, so irritating, the whole house was smelling. My stepfather didn’t know what was going on cos he was asleep already, i took his food to his room. I woke him up to have his food, he woke up, eating his food on the bed.

Me: That your son is a pain in the neck

Stepfather: Why did you say so?

Me: He’s back, he’s in his room

Stepfather: Daniel is in this house?

He was upset…

Me: He was so drunk sef, he vomitted in the sitting room, the whole house is smelling.

Stepfather put his food away…

Stepfather: Daniel?

Immediately, he got up, angry….

Me: What do you want to do?

Stepfather: I’m sending him out this house, instead of him to come back and apologize, instead he came back drunk and foolish. He’s living this house to night

I quickly rushed to him…

Me: No, no, no, its late already… Just let him sleep over for the night, he should be asleep by now. What if you send him out this night and something bad happen to him and you know he’s drunk.

Stepfather: I don’t care

Me: You should care ooo, tomorrow is our wedding i don’t want any wahala ooo. Let there be peace for now, please i beg you. Just let him sleep over for this night, please dear… Please

I kissed him… And he agreed, he ate his food, even though he was still upset. Few hours later, we were asleep already, in the midnight, i noticed Demola woke up, stood up from the bed.

Me: Where are you going? (Yawning)

Stepfather: I’m thirsty, you gave me food you didn’t give me water. Have you forgotten..

Me: Oh my God, i’m sorry, that stupid girl didn’t bring your water. That girl is so dull. Let me go and get you water to drink.

Stepfather: Don’t worry, i’ll get it myself…

Me: Okay dear

He left….. After several minutes, he didn’t return, what is holding him? I became worried, he should be back by now. Oh, probably he want to have s*x with me in the kitchen, Demola purposely stayed long cos he knows i will come looking for him, he want to make love to me in the kitchen, he likes doing it in the kitchen. I quickly got up, pull off my pant to make it easier. I got to the kitchen, the light was off…

Me: Baby, what are you still doing? I know your plan, you purposely did this right.

I switched on the light, oh my God, i saw Demola, i mean my stepfather, on the floor, stabbed to death. I screamed!!!


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