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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 27

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Fast forward, a day to the wedding, everyone was in the mood, just couldn’t wait to get the whole thing done, wow, i’m getting married soon. Finally, the day is almost here. It was a joyous mood that day not until the bloody son of a gun showed up in the house, totally drunk.

It was late in the evening, my stepfather came home late that day so i quickly warmed his dinner while he was in the room, i was in the kitchen with Alero warming and serving the food, then we heard a knock on the door, who could that be at this time of the day?

Me: Who is that at this time?…. Alero go and check who is at the door

Alero: Yes ma

Alero quickly went to check who was at the door, within few seconds she came back looking scared.

Alero: Madam na Uncle Daniel

Me: Who?

Alero: It is Uncle Daniel that is knocking, e be like say he’s drunk

I was surprised, what could he be doing here? We don’t want him in this house anymore. I told her not to open the door for him cos he’s not allowed. But Daniel kept on banging the door, he just couldn’t stop banging the door. I had to go meet him cos i wouldn’t his father to come and start fighting with him and tomorrow is my wedding and i want peace, just peace. I opened the door, lo and behold, Daniel was indeed drunk, he was totally drunk, he was smelling of alcohol, he was misbehaving, so drunk.

Daniel: Open the door for me, this is my father’s house.

I had to cover my nose cos the odour from him was so bad.

Daniel: You this slut, so you think you can marry my father abi. Over my dead body

Me: What do you want? You’re not allowed here

Daniel: In my father’s house? Ashawo, this my father house. So you don’t want me to enter my father’s house?

Before you know it Daniel began to vomit, oh my God. What is this?


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