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In my room…

Me: Alero, Alero

She answered, knock on my door…

Me: Come inside.

Alero: You called me ma…

Me: Fine girl, Alero, Alero. What are you doing now?

Alero: I’m washing oga’s clothes

Me: Oh kk…. Do you like these clothes on the bed? They are for you, do you want them?

Alero: Yes ma

Me: Oya pack them, and those shoes too.

Alero: Haaa, thank you ma.

She was excited, packing them…

Me: Alero baby, let me give you money to go make your hair.

I dipped my hands into my pocket and gave her money.

Alero: Thank you ma

Showing curtsy…

Me: Its alright…. But don’t tell anyone about what you saw ooo, if you keep your mouth shut, i will give you more of this and i promise to give money to treat your mum as well.

She was happy and promised not to tell anyone about it, what a relief. She’s a cheap girl, so easy to buy, money can do it. I just have to be careful next time.

After some days, Daniel didn’t even bother to ask how i dealt with the whole issue, instead, he didn’t come home for days. I tried calling him but he wouldn’t pick my calls, sent him text messages, no reply as well. So one faithful evening, he finally came home, he didn’t come alone, he came with his jobless girlfriend. I was surprised, but Daniel said he was gonna break with the girl, so he was deceiving me, he was fooling me just to get between my legs. I was so furious, i felt so used and betrayed. I just couldn’t hold it. They were in their, so i went to his room, knocked on the door, it was Mariam that opened the door.

Mariam: Hi

Me: Please, where is Daniel.

Mariam: Daniel, the thot is looking for you

She, closed the door… Did she just call me a thot, what is the meaning of that? I quickly brought out my phone, googled the meaning of thot, it means ‘The hoe over there’, she just called me a hoe, i was angry. Daniel opened the door…

Daniel: What’s up?

Me: Can i see you?

Daniel: Why? Now?

Me: Yes, now, in my room.

Daniel: Hahaha, what happened?

We eventually went to my room…

Me: First of all, you girlfriend just called me a hoe, no biggie and the most important, was this our agreement?

Daniel: What agreement?

Me: You were gonna break up with her, remember

Daniel: And you believed that?

Daniel laughing hysterically…

Me: What’s funny?

Daniel: So you expect me to break up with my girlfriend because of you? I mean because of you Omolola?

Me: What do you mean? So you were deceiving me?

Daniel: Well, of course, i just wanted to fuuck you, nothing more. So you are special that i would break up with my….. Wait, wait, wait are you for real? God, you’re so foolish girl, so cheap and loose. Gullible, i just hope my father is not really thinking of marrying you.

Me: Daniel?

I was shocked to hear that from him… He stood up and continued laughing, laughing, laughing as he reached for the door and said….

Daniel: Don’t you think you’re a thot? My girlfriend is right, you’re a hoe and she knows that.

He walked out of the room, shut the door, laughing hysterically. I was so weak, so very weak, tears from my eyes. I couldn’t stop crying, i was ashamed of myself. Am i really that loose? Daniel said all that to me? I swear to almighty God, Daniel would pay for this, he would surely regret, i promise he’s so gonna regret. Crying, so i’m now a thot… Men are so wicked, i hate men.

A week later, i began to plot how to take a revenge, Daniel has to pay for this, i feel used. So used, i just have to punish him but i just don’t know how to do it. What can i do to get back at this boy? Time will tell… Well, my stepfather on the other hand, surprised me, it was a good news actually, i wasn’t expecting it so fast like that, i was so fast. He’s actually serious on getting married with me.

On the dinning table, eating dinner….

Stepfather: Omolola guess what?

Me: What? What happened?

Stepfather: Well, i guess its high time you become a Mrs.

Me: What do you mean?

Stepfather: Well, i made an arrangement, i think our court wedding is next week.

Me: Are you serious?

I screamed, i was so excited, i hugged him so passionately and sat on his laps..

Me: Next week? And you’re just telling me

Stepfather: I wasn’t suppose to tell you now, i planned on telling you a day before the wedding, i wanted to surprise. But i just could’t hold it anymore, i had to spill it now.

i kissed him so deep…

Me: Awww…. Oh my God, i’m so excited…. Thanks dear, i love you too.

We continued kissing, Alero walks in…

Me: Alero, we are getting married next week, our court wedding is next wedding.

Alero: Congratulations ma…

Daniel also came from no where…

Daniel: What is happening here’

I looked at him with a straight face…

Me: Well, me and your father are getting married next week.

Daniel: What? Dad is this true?

Stepfather: Our court wedding is next week

Daniel: Next week? Is this a joke?

Stepfather: Its a surprise

Daniel: Indeed, wow….

I looked at him, looking at each other with, mocking him, while tongued out. He got pissed and left.

Me: I love you baby….

Me and Demole continued kissing……


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