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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 23

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Few weeks later, everything went back to normal, even though i was still surprised my stepfather could say such to my mother. I was confused, is he using me against my mother or using me as bait? Are they playing games with me cos i just don’t get it. Only time will tell, my stepfather although didn’t talk about it either, he pretended as if nothing happened, and he was still having s*x with me as usual, but he seems honest cos he’s so caring and all that. Maybe i shouldn’t think about it anymore, i’m sure he loves me, i’m sure he does.

Alero the new housemaid living with us already, she was handy, cool girl, i do give her things, buy her things and all that. Daniel on the other hand was still keeping malice with me, should i say i’m the one keeping malice with him, we stopped talking and he wouldn’t stop bringing that slut to the house to spite me, i just had to ignore him, he doesn’t worth it, i need cut ties with him. He’s a fool, a big fool and a moron. Honestly, i don’t really know why i’m keeping malice with him, i guess i’m jealous and moreover he betrayed me, he was suppose to break up with the girl atleast not to bring her to the house. The problem is he wouldn’t stop bringing her to the house, the one that pained me pass, God, i couldn’t sleep for days, Daniel hurt me so bad. I never believed he would do that….. I was in the sitting room with my stepfather watching a movie and the next i heard was a noise coming from upstairs, the noise was just too much.

Me: What is going on? I hope he’s not beating his girlfriend

Stepfather: This doesn’t sound like they are fighting. Maybe they won lottery

All of a sudden Mariam ran downstairs screaming, what is wrong with the fool? She was indeed happy, why the noise?

Mariam: Yes, oh my God.

Stepfather: What happened, what is the excitement all about?

Mariam: He proposed, Daniel proposed…

Pro what? She showed us her engagement ring, flaunting it, Daniel was also coming downstairs, all smile.

Stepfather: Wow, congratulations, finally?

Daniel proposed to the bit*ch? I was so hurt, it was like they poured hot water on my body, i didn’t interfere, i couldn’t say anything than to pretend to be watching the movie. My stepfather got up and hugged her, rubbish, how old are they that they are getting engaged.

Stepfather: Omolola, won’t you congratulate them?

Me: Huh! What? Oh okay, congrats, i hope it leads to marriage ooo.

They were surprised i said such, I stood up wore my slippers and went straight to the room cos i just can’t deal.

Few hours later in the room with my stepfather.

Me: Were you suppose to congratulate them or scold them. How old are they?

Stepfather: Let them be, its love

Me: Love indeed, Daniel is just a fresh graduate, he hasn’t even gone for Nysc and he’s planning on marriage already. Is just farce, they can’t marry, God doesn’t support such. They are just playing, it can never lead to marriage….

I noticed my stepfather wasn’t replying…

Me: You’re not even saying anything

I looked at him and he was already snoring, can you imagine. He’s slept off, so he didn’t even find them repulsive. How can Daniel be engaged just like that, does that mean i have to let him go, arrrgh, this thing pain me oo. How i just wish i was the one he’s engaged to, gosh, i want Daniel to fuuck me, i miss him. God, why? I was so restless, i couldn’t sleep. I just have to find a way to tear them apart. I would make sure i put assunder, if i can’t have Daniel, nobody will. I swear, i will ruin their relationship.

In the kitchen cooking indomie, i was so damn hungry, i couldn’t even concentrate in school cos i was really farmished.

Me: Alero, Alero, Alero…… Where is this girl? She should come help Me garnish this pepper. Alero, Alero.

The next i heard, ‘I sent her on an errand’, it was Daniel, he was shirtless, putting on just his trouser.

Me: You have no right to send her anywhere, she works for me.

Daniel: Really?

He moves closer, acting weird, weird i mean, seductively. What is going on?

Me: Errrm! What is going on here?

Daniel moving closer…

Me: Please, if this is another X-trated tricks of yours, its never going to work.

Daniel: When are we going to stop these malice?

So flirty…

Me: What Malice? Abeg, Abeg, let me pass…

I tried to move away from him, he blocked me.

Me: What is the meaning of all these, please stop it okay. Alero is around.

Daniel: She won’t be coming anytime soon

Me: Stop flirting with me

Daniel: I miss you

Me: Really? Please, tell that to your girlfriend, well atleast, you’re now engaged. Just let me pass

Daniel was becoming too close for comfort…

Me: Will you stop all these before somebody finds us

Daniel: Do you want me to break up with Mariam?

Me: What? What do you mean?

I was kinda happy when i heard that

Daniel: Yes, if you want me, i would

Me: Are you serious?

Daniel: Yes

For real? He’s gonna break up with her?

Me: Okay (shy)

He began to touch my Bosom, he unbottoned my shirt, kissing me, kissing, kissing.

Me: Wait, wait…. What about Alero?

Daniel: Long thing

We continued kissing, smooching, unzipping my trouser, pulling off my trouser, he unzipped his trouser and brought out his erected Joystick turned me over on the cabinet and began to bang me, so hard, pounding me from behind, hitting me so hard, kissing me.

Me: What about Alero? (Moaning)

Daniel: I’ll be fast (Moaning)

Banging me so damn fast, he was really fast, moaning loud, moaning, moaning, banging, banging.

Daniel: Yes, baby

‘Uncle Daniel, i didn’t find the thing you sent at the supermarket’, that was the next thing i heard, oh my God, Alero caught us red handed. We quickly separated as she left…

Me: Daniel i told you, i told you


Daniel: What?

Me: What? Seriously?

He adjusted his trouser, hissed and walked out of the kitchen. I was shocked, he wasn’t scared or bothered the girl caught us. What is going on? Afterall, i will be the one to suffer for it, if Demola finds out, Daniel has nothing to worry about. I just have to beg Alero not to say anything. I’m so scared right now, should i send Alero away before Demola comes back? I’m dead.


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