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The following day, Daniel annoyed me by bringing his girlfriend to the house, she even slept over, can you imagine, so this boy was only fooling me or what? He brought that bitch to this house again, i was so furious, he betrayed me. I was just panting up and down in the room, my stepfather walked into the room. I rushed to him…

Me: Sweetheart

He looked surprise

Stepfather: Are you okay?

Me: Are we gonna let that girl sleep in this house?

Stepfather: Which girl?

Me: Daniel’s

Stepfather: You mean Mariam?

Me: Yes, its wrong, how can she just come here anytime she wants and sleep over. That’s totally uncalled for, they don’t even regard you at all.

He Chuckled…

Stepfather: Let them be, they are just having fun

He kissed me and went out…

Me: Having fun?

This man is just an idiot, what can i do to get this slut out of here. What can i do? I was so restless, so annoyed, i couldn’t even sleep that night cos i knew they would have s*x. I quickly picked up my phone and sent a text message, reminding him our agreement. I waited for his reply, he didn’t reply, he didn’t reply me ooo, what are they doing? Are they having s*x or what? I sent the text message again, he didn’t reply. I was so hopeless, i had to sleep off.

In the morning, i received a text message from him, he replied the 2 text messages i sent to him, i check the messages and the reply was just ‘Ok’, the two messages he replied it were just ‘Ok’. Like seriously, Daniel is a betrayer and he’s definitely going to regret it, i swear, he would regret it.

Few hours later, while in the kitchen cooking, there was a knock on the door, it was the gate man, he came to inform me, someone is looking for me. I was surprised, who could that be, i was nervous, hope its not my mother. I went outside to check the the person, it was a lady looking so rough, a young lady, should be older than me. I greeted her

Me: You said you were looking for me

Lady: Good afternoon ma… My name is Alero ma, please ma i’m looking for job, if you need housemaid, i can do it. I’m very hardworking ma, please ma.

Me: Oh okay, too bad Oga is not at home but we need housemaid too. Today is Saturday, he’s gone to a party, why don’t you come tomorrow afternoon, he would be at home, i would tell him about you.

Alero knelt down and began to cry…

Alero: Please ma, help me… My mother is dying in the village, i need money to buy drugs and take care of her, please help me with this job me, i won’t disappoint you.

Me: No, no, please stand up… Don’t worry you will get the job, just come tomorrow, don’t worry, you will get it. I promise. Stand up okay

She stood up….

Alero: Thank you ma

Me: No problem, do you have tfare?

She nodded her head negatively…

Me: Okay wait, let me get you something.

I quickly went inside to get some money, i gave her money while she left. I really pitied her, what a world. Fine girl like that


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