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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 20

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Few days after our last encounter, i stopped talking to Daniel, not even a greeting. I was so ashamed of myself, i betrayed my baby. I avoided him, he tried talking to me, i just had to ignore him, snubbed him. Tried to stay far away from him at some point he got pissed as well, he was always hissing anytime he sees me, to make the whole thing more frustrating, he was bringing his girlfriend to the house everyday, what is the meaning of that? Is he trying to spite me with that? Honestly, i just couldn’t deal, anytime i see that girl in our house, i was always mad. What is she doing here? I hate that girl, i just hate her, i hate her so much, so so much. The most annoying part was anytime they are indoor, they do have s*x, especially the loud moaning sound, it kills me, it really kills and weakens me. I was so jealous of what was happening between them, i dunno, i just want to be the only one Daniel will be making love to, just me alone, no one else. I want Daniel to myself, i want him for me alone but its not possible, so many circumstances surrounding us. I vowed never to have s*x with Daniel again cos its wrong, having s*x with father and son, i would any day prefer Daniel to my step father but my step father has the ingredients that i need. He wanna marry me and so shall it be, i just have to stop doing Daniel, stay far away from him.

I tried everything to stay away from him but it seems Daniel wants me again, yes he wants me again after all his shakara (pride). I remember when my stepfather came back from Abuja, i was so happy he was around, that would serve as a protection against Daniel. The night my stepfather came back, we had heated s*x all night, it was crazy, i so love my old man, he does it like pro, he’s so good at rimming damn. I admire his heavy Joystick, well structured and fat, anytime, his Joystick penetrate my Kittycat, i scream for heaven or should i say i see myself in heaven. His Pour is out of this world. Sigh!!! So one night, i’m sure you all know i have this habit of drinking water in the midnight, i do get thirsty in the night, most especially after s*x. So i went to the kitchen, downstairs to get water, after taking my water, someone switched off the light cos i switched it on. Who could that be? Who else? I knew he was the one..

Me: What is the meaning of this?

Daniel closed the kitchen door…

Me: What is wrong with you? I’m sure you know your father is around.

Daniel was shirtless, putting on just boxers with his obvious dangling erected Joystick.

Daniel: Omolola i want you.

Me: You want who? See you need to start respecting me, i’m about to be your step mother.

Daniel: You can also be my s*x mate

Me: What? Please leave the way and let me pass

Dragging the door with him…

Me: Let me pass now, i don’t like all these

Daniel: I’ll be fast with it, i promise

Can you believe that the idiot put his hand on my Bosom.

Daniel: I want this (seductive tone)

Me: Get your filthy hands off me

Daniel: What is wrong with you now?

Me: Let me go, i will scream ooo

Daniel: I dare you, i could just tell my Dad about what happened the other day.

Me: Oh really? Is that a threat or what?

Daniel: Common, i’m obsessed with you, i just want s*x, that’s all

Me: And i say i don’t want, let me pass…

Dragging with him, all of sudden he brought out his bulging erected Joystick…

Me: Oh my God, what is the meaning of this?

Feeling so irritated as i moved away from him.

Daniel: I wanna fu*ck you right here, right now

Me: No way, until you get rid of that bitch of yours that’s when you can have me. I can’t share you with anyone

Daniel moving closer…

Daniel: Are you for real, but i’m sharing you with my father

Me: I’m the lady here, i don’t want to see her here again, if you want s*x with me.

Daniel: Okay fine, i’ll get rid of her

He planted a deep kiss on my lips, we began to kiss, smooch, squeezing, i was playing with his Joystick, he lifted me up on the kitchen cabinet, separated my legs, as he was positioning his Joystick to penetrate me, we heard footsteps, oh my God that should be my stepfather. We quickly separated, i began to hear my name ‘Omolola’, ‘Omolola where are you?’ my stepfather was looking for me, me and Daniel were both scared…

Me: Oh my God, i’m dead, i told you i don’t want to do

Daniel: Damn it

Me: Just find somewhere to hid

My stepfather called me again, ‘Omolola’, i replied

Me: Sweetheart, i’m in the kitchen

I quickly told Daniel to hid inside the kitchen cabinet, he hid himself, i closed it, quickly open the refirgerator and brought out bottle of water, pretending be the drinkging water, as my stepfather opened the door.

Me: Sweetheart, you’re not sleeping

He moved closer and was kissing….

Stepfather: I want more


Me: More what?

My stepfather: Lets do it here

Me: What? No, no, no

Before i know it, the old man lifted me on the kitchen cabinet, Daniel was hiding, spread my legs, brought out his massive Joystick and was banging me, in the kitchen, exactly the same way Daniel wants it, Like father like son. Funniest part is that were doing it on top of Daniel. Lord have mercy!!!

Few hours later, already in our room, in the morning, stepfather taking his bath, i received a text message from Daniel, it goes thus ‘That mad man chanced me Abi, i swear to God, i will kill that man for cheating me, it really pained me gan. You shouldn’t have had s*x on my head now, that man must die ooo’…. I just couldn’t stop laughing, silently laughing…


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