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In the kitchen with Aunty Sarah, cooking together…

(Narrating) Well, i’m sure you still remember me, that girl that was having s*x with her step brother and stepfather. Its me again, i’m still Omolola, the blacksheep of my family, i guess. I know you are in haste to judge me, who are you to judge me? I’m not perfect, we all are not perfect, i made a terrible mistake and i regret doing such, its not my fault, i think it is devil’s handwork, yes it is the devil’s handwork, isn’t that what we say when we make a terrible mistakes. I’v learnt my lesson and i’m on the right path to heal myself and make amends.

Still in the kitchen with Aunty Sarah, cooking and gisting…..

(Narrating) Anyway, its been 5 months since the whole incident happened and i’ve moved on to another chapter of my life. Yes, who is Aunty Sarah? Well, she’s my uncle’s wife, my father’s twin brother. I’ve been living with them ever since that wahala, they reside in Akure, Ondo state, i’m presently residing in Akure. My mum did abandoned me here and travelled out of the country, my mum doesn’t love me anymore, she doesn’t even call me, she abandoned me, her precious daughter because i made a simple mistake… hard mistake? Whatever! Sigh! Are you guys not surprised i’m living with my father’s family? I nver believed i have a family from my father side, i thought they are all dead, i was surprised when my mum brought me Akure to meet my paternal grandmother, i was totally shocked, to see them, my mum hid this secret from me for 20 years. My father’s family was so happy to see me, cos i looked like the lost but found child to them, i was highly welcomed and praised, said i looked like my father. My father actually died in a plane crash with his new wife he abandoned my mum for, my mum was actually pregnant, when he abandoned her, i was also told he and his family denied the pregnancy. Unfortunately for my father, he didn’t have any other child before his death. I guess that was the reason why my mum didn’t tell me about him and his family, she was bittered. Fortunately for my father’s family, my mum didn’t abort the pregnancy, so they see me as hope for their deceased son, my father. I was higly welcomed, they asked for forgiveness from mum. See, let me not bore you with my dysfunctional family’s history.

So that was how i started living with my father’s family….

A man walks into the kitchen, ‘what is cooking?’ he said…

Oh, that is my uncle, my father’s twin brother, his name is uncle Kenny.

Me: Welcome sir…

Uncle kenny: Hi dear, how was your day?

Me: Fine sir

He walks towards his wife and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

Aunty Sarah: Stop that darling….. Welcome

Uncle Kenny: What is cooking? I’m deeply hungry…

Aunty Sarah: Food would ready soon, just go freshen up…

As he walks out of the kitchen…


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