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Later in the evening, i heard them coming out of the room, he was seeing his girlfriend off. I quickly rushed downstairs when the girl had gone, pretending to be watching TV, Daniel entered the house and saw me in the sitting room. He smiled…

Daniel: Omolola…. Why did you do that?

Me: Do what?

Daniel: What has the girl done to you? Why do you hate her? She’s my fiance you know..

Fiance? Eeew, rubbish…

Me: What are you talking about? I don’t get you.

Daniel: You’re jealous?

Me: Huh! Of what?

Daniel: Nevermind….

As he was about going back to his room, climbing the stairs, i said….

Me: Is she better than me?

Daniel stopped, he looked at me, he didn’t reply.

Me: Is she better than me?

Daniel was coming back, coming closer to me, coming closer, held my hands, oh my God we are about to have s*x.

Daniel: She’s 100% better than you

What? Did he just say that to me?

He walked out of me and went straight to his room. Can you believe that, did he just say that she’s better than me? Oh my God, she’s better than me? Like seriously? How can he say that to me, that’s so rude of him, i was so ashamed of myself when he said that, and i thought we are about to have s*x, he denied me insated. Is the girl that good? She doesn’t sound like someone good with the way she was moaning, i don’t moan like someone who want to die like her, the way she was moaning is like she was about to die.

It was painful, he said such to me… I shamelessly dragged myself to the room, as i was about entering my room, i heard my name, ‘Omolola’, it was Daniel…. The next thing i heard was…

Daniel: I miss you

Come and see how fast both of us jammed ourselves with deep kiss, we began to kiss like there is no tomorrow, damn i missed him.

Me: I missed you too

We continued, kissing, smooching really hard, pulling off our clothes, kissing so deeply, he pushed me to indoor balcony, resting on the handle, straighten my Buttocks up, and began to bang me from behind as he squeezing my Bosom, kissing me, banging me, moaning really hard, riding me really hard.

Me: Daniel i miss you


Daniel: I miss you too

Banging me, pounding me, hitting me really hard.

Me: Haaa, Yes… Is she better than me?

Daniel: No one is better than you

Moaning, pulled me up and was banging me really damn hard, he banged me from behind all through, till he finally Pour. Both of us breathing heavily, panting…

Me: What did we just do? Oh my God

Daniel: I miss you

I just don’t know what came over me, i gave him a dirty slap.

Daniel: What was that for?

Me: Don’t you ever try this with me again

I quickly picked my clothes…. Daniel was surprised

Daniel: Omolola, are you serious?

I picked my clothes, hissed went straight to my room and shut the door. Oh my God, what have i done? What is wrong with me? Omolola you’re cursed, father and son? I couldn’t sleep that night…


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