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Must Read: Home Alone With My Stepbrother (Season 3): “New Beginning Of Destruction”… Part 18

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I was madly in love with my stepfather, i didn’t even care if he was my mother’s ex husband. I was ready to marry him, i was ready to die in his house sef. He also love me too, he’s very sweet and caring. I was happy with him, i was happy he was in my life, is just that i was sad because Daniel was involved. I think i still have this attraction to him, anytime i see him i just feel so uncomfortable. I avoided him a lot, i just don’t want to get attached to him, i don’t want to have anything to do with him again. I hate that his girlfriend, i will keep repeating it, i hate her so much, i’ve told my baby (stepfather) that i don’t want the girl to come to our house again but he disagreed with me. I tried my best to stop her from coming to our house, i just hate her naturally, especially when she’s seen cuddling with Daniel, it gives me heart attack. Please is this a sign of jealousy? Am i jealous or what? I still remember one day that i passed my boundary, i was so stupid that day. It was during the period my stepfather travelled to Abuja for business, i was home alone with my step brother as usual, even tho we hardly see, i don’t even give him audience at all. It was in the afternoon, i was in the kitchen cooking, Daniel was in his room, then i heard a knock on door, i rushed to the door to check who was knocking. I opened the door, Well, it was the slut that was knocking….

Mariam: Good afternoon

Me: Yes

I was so irritated when i saw her, i couldn’t help but to distastefully look her

Mariam: Please i’m here to see Daniel

Me: Daniel is not at home, he’s gone out

Mariam: I just called him now, he said he’s at home.

I raised my voice….

Me: Daniel is not at home abi, come back later okay.

Mariam: He said he’s at home, i just called him.

I hissed and shut the door, went straight to the kitchen. Few minutes later, while i was in the kitchen, Daniel rushed downstairs to come open the door for her… I eavesdropped to their conversation while they were going to his room, the bitch was complaining.

Mariam: What is wrong with her? She said you’re not at home.

Daniel: She said so?

Mariam: Yes now, see i don’t like this embarrassment, it seems i won’t be coming here again because of her.

Daniel: Its okay, don’t mind her, maybe she’s high on weed.

High on weed? Me? Stupid people, they went to their room and locked the door. I wasn’t comfortable at all, what are they doing in the room that they had to lock the door? Why would they lock the door? I just wasn’t comfortable at all, i was so restless, arrrrrgh God, not until i began to hear moaning sound from his room, they were having s*x can you imagine. I was actually eavesdropping from his door room, Daniel was really banging her so hard, the stupid girl was really moaning so loud and i was totally jealous, how i wish i was the one Daniel was banging like that. It really pained me, i couldn’t bear it, listening to them moaning gave me heart attack, it really pained me, they had s*x for long, Daniel didn’t Pour on time cos i spent more than 16 minutes at his door room eavesdropping and he was still banging. Gosh i wish i was the one honestly, i couldn’t bear it anymore, i just had to go back to my room and sob about it. So sad and jealous, i want Daniel, he’s good, i miss him, i really do but i can’t, no i can’t, can i?


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