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That was how i began to live happily with my stepfather, as his new wife to be. Yeah, i’m my mother’s successor, i’m beginning to hate my mother sef, i hate her like seriously for abandoning me. Even if she want to punish me, she went too far. Anyway, my stepfather was helping me to get back to school so that i could continue from where i stopped, like a returning student. Instead of obtaining jamb again. Fortunately, he helped on that, i returned to school, making it look like i defied a section. I was suppose to be in 300l but i had to continue from 200l. Going back to school was the best thing for me, i got my life, even tho deep, deep and deep inside me, still not completely happy. It still hard for me to believe i can’t give birth anymore, seriously. Well, that’s another topic for another day, my stepfather took care of me, he was so sweet. Daniel on the other hand was jealous, he hardly talk to me, we don’t even see each other not to talk of talking.

After sometime, i was receiving series of text messages from Daniel, saying i wasn’t ashamed of sleeping with my stepfather, politely insulting me. I didn’t pay attention to it, i ignored it. I enjoyed my stepfather sexually, financially and care wise. He was obssessed with me, he loved me i guess. Chai, this man can fu*ck, he’s just too good. He was really serious about the wife thing. The only thing that disgust most in that house is the presence of Mariam, i just hate the bitch, i don’t like her. Whenever she’s around she’s lazy and dirty. I don’t even talk with her…

Damn, i remember one sunny afternoon, i was in school, i received a whatsapp message from him that, he’s horny, he wants s*x. He still behaves like a kid he doesn’t even know he’s old. I replied him that i was in class, he said he would come and pick me in school. I told him to wait till we reach home but he insisted, lo and behold, he came to pick me cos his office is not far from my school. While in his car driving, Demola unzipped his trouser and brought out his wet and erected Joystick…

Me: What are you doing?

Stepfather: Suck me (horny tone)

Me: What? No, anybody can see us.

Stepfather: Okay wank me…

I grabbed his Joystick and was wanking him, playing with his Joystick till we got home. We got home, in the sitting room, we began to kiss really hard, squeezing my Bosom, pulling off our clothes, kissing, kissing, all of a sudden we heard ” Can you please use your room”, we quickly separated. It was Daniel, we didn’t even know he was at home.

Me: Oh my God

I was a lil bit ashamed, Daniel reached for the door and went out. Immediately, Daniel left, we continued, kissing, smooching, brought my Bosom out and was sucking it.

Stepfather: Where should we use?


Me: How about the kitchen?

Stepfather: Oh my God, i love that…

We continued kissing, smooching, as we dragged ourselves to the kitchen and we had one of best time on the kitchen cabinet, except for my Pour which messed up the floor. It was fantastic, my stepfather would give it to me really hard, from behind, lifting my legs up, sitting on his Joystick jerking him. Sigh! It was a crazy experience, believe me, and don’t you even judge me okay, who doesn’t like good thing *winks*


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