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I woke up very early in the morning, i was very thirsty, i need to drink water cos i was weak and dehydrated. I woke my stepfather up, i told him i was thirsty, so he directed me to the kitchen. I went to the kitchen, which was downstairs, so good i found the kitchen as directed, but i discovered the kitchen light was on, i entered the kitchen opened the freezer and took a bottle of chilled water, i didn’t even use cup, i opened the seal and was drinking it drinking directly from the bottle, as i was about to return the water into freezer, someone walked into the kitchen unexpectedly, i frightened

Me: Oh my God

I was scared, its not my stepfather, it was someone else. Who? I don’t even know who the person is, its a girl sef. Don’t go there cos its not even Daniel, its a girl, a pretty girl but i don’t know whos she is.

Girl: Oh sorry…

I smiled, she walked in to the kitchen while i walked out of the kitchen, went straight to the room. Honestly, who the hell is that? She doesn’t look like housemaid, she looks too beautiful, moreover she was wearing an expensive weave. Could that be Daniel’s girlfriend? I doubt it, Daniel can’t forget me so hurry to get a girlfriend. Who is she?

I got to the room, my stepfather snoring like an idiot. So annoying, i joined him on bed and slept off. Few hours later, we were both awake. Getting ready for office…

Me: Who is the girl i saw in the kitchen this morning?

Stepfather: Girl? What girl?

Me: Is she not living here? Cos i saw a girl in the kitchen and it looks like she’s living here or familiar with this place.

Stepfather: Oh okay, probably Mariam.

Me: Who is Mariam?

Stepfather: Daniel’s new girlfriend, she do sleep over once in a while. It means Daniel, slept home last night.

Me: Daniel’s girlfriend?… Wow

Daniel has a girlfriend? Can you imagine, its not even up to a year that i left, he already has a girlfriend. That boy is still a pervert, so he has forgotten about me just like that, he didn’t even miss me or wait for me. Wait for me? Am i alright? What is wrong with me? Daniel ruined my life, Omolola remember, bitch!!!. I was lost in thought..

Stepfather: Omolola, Omolola, Omolola

He tapped me, i came back to my senses…

Me: Yes, yes, yes.

Stepfather: What is wrong with you?

Me: Me? Nothing (chuckles), nothing…

Stepfather: Okay….. Will you go and shower now (pointing to the bathroom)

Me: Shower? Why?

Stepfather: I’m to drop you at the boutique, so that you do some shopping.

Me: Oh, yes… I forgot, i totally forgot.

I stood up went to the bathroom to have my bath. Having my bath, someone knocked on the door, not the bathroom door ooo, i mean the room door. It was Daniel, i heard his voice, he entered. I quickly turned off the shower. So that i can eavesdrop. I could hear their conversation while in the bathroom.

Daniel: Morning Dad

Stepfather: Morning…. When did you enter this house?

Daniel: You were asleep now…

Stepfather: I told you no late night movement.

Daniel: I swear it was traffic…. Hmmmm

Stepfather: What is with the hmmmm?

Daniel: I know already

Stepfather: Know what?

Daniel: Mariam saw her, you brought a girl home last night.

Stepfather: Oh, that?

Daniel: Who is she? As she gone?

Stepfather: She’s in the bathroom and you know her very well.

I turned on the shower, finished cleaning , didn’t listen to their conversation anymore, i opened the bathroom door entered room, the first person i saw was Daniel.

Daniel: Omolola?

Surprised and shocked to see me.


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