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I got to Lagos….. Sigh! I was at Oshodi precisely, it was in the evening already, i picked my phone from my pocket and switched it on, immediately i switched on, a call came through, i checked the caller, it was my Uncle, i was scared, i put the phone on silent, i couldn’t pick it, i can’t pick ooo, what will i say? I just can’t, he kept on calling, then he stopped calling. As i was about to call my stepfather to come pick me at Oshodi, my phone began to ring again, this time it was my paternal grandmother, i can’t pick it, i just can’t. I really messed up, i’m so ashamed of myself. I called my stepfather to come pick me, while i wait for him. I should have gone to my maternal grandmother’s place but what will i tell happened to me in Akure? Its better i go to my stepfather since i’ve become a rejected stone to my family. Its not really my fault, maybe i was cursed, you know. Its the devil at work.

My stepfather came to pick and took me to their new residence cos they no longer stay at our former house. I just couldn’t talk to him, he was asking what happened, i just couldn’t say it, i was even ashamed to see him. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes, he is still handsome tho.

We got to the new house, he took me to his room, told me to take a shower, while he went to the kitchen to cook. He was nice, but why would he bring me to his room? I’m sure there is visitor’s room, i hope this man is not looking for something else.

He called me to join him on the dinning table, i joined him at the table, eating, i still couldn’t look at him in his face.

Stepfather: What really happened? You’ve been giving me silent treatment.

Me: Nothing…

I was so sad and unhappy…

Stepfather: You can talk to me, what happened? I’m not your mother now, you’re my sweetheart you know.

Like seriously, sweetheart? I looked at him with straight face.

Stepfather: Omolola talk now, what happened?

Before you know it, he started touching my shoulder and my hand from where he was sitting. I tried to adjust just to get his filthy hands off me.

Me: I said nothing happened. As a matter of fact, i’m full, i need to sleep.

I stood up, he quickly held my hand so tight.

Stepfather: What have you done in Akure? Hope its not what i’m thinking?

Me: What?

Trying let go of him…

Stepfather: You’ve done it again, i know….. Just tell me, we can find solution to this.

I just don’t know what came over me, i broke down in tears. So i have become a thing of shame like this, that my step father even suspected my wayward life. I cried profusely, as he stood up to hug me.

Stepfather: Its alright, everything will be fine…


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